Mind/Body…Are you Worth 10 Minutes a Day?

by Sue Papadoulis

Do less, find just ten minutes a day to be peaceful, and you’ll earn more — happiness, money, prosperity and abundance.

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1. Achieve more by doing less. The key to living a life of peaceful abundance comes in understanding that you will achieve more by doing less. This may seem a paradox at first, particularly given the heavy emphasis our society places on hard work, but it is a truth of life.

Bringing this powerful principle into your life begins by giving yourself the gift of time. When you don’t give yourself enough time, you are setting yourself up for a busy, crazy lifestyle that sees you working against the flow and creates that feeling of emptiness and wanting more. This cycle of wanting more and doing more to get it, is exhausting and fruitless.

2. Stressed out by deadlines? Do the opposite of what you think you should do. When I first started trying to live by this principle of giving myself the gift of time, I decided that whenever I felt myself becoming stressed with the thoughts racing through my head about what I needed to get done, I would do the opposite of what my thoughts were saying. That is, rather than getting stuck into working in my business, or making those five phone calls, or whatever it was, I would go for a walk, or sit calmly, close my eyes and meditate on the feeling of success.

Incredibly, when I returned with this positive and joyous mindset, something would have changed — a client would extend a deadline or change their requirements which meant less work for me.

The Universe conspired to change the course of events to ensure my life was in keeping with these feelings of success and tranquillity.

3. Concentrate on the present moment. The panic you feel when there’s too much to do is due to the fact that you’re thinking about the future and worrying about what might come to pass. At these times, meditating on what your body is doing right at that moment can quieten the mind and give you peace and relaxation. If you can really concentrate on the present, your mind isn’t able to think about the past or the future.

You have immense power. You just need to give yourself the means to access it — and you do that by being still, tranquil and quiet.

4. Tap into your inner power. By giving yourself time to be peaceful, visualise and meditate you are allowing the Universe to work its magic and bring about positive results in the fastest and easiest way for you.

The Universe can’t reach you if you’re in a constant state of flux, where your mind and heart are racing. It can only make access when you make room for it in your daily life.

5. The power of the Universe is in you! The Universe is striving for you to reach a higher state of consciousness. It is seeking ways to support you to live authentically and to live the life for which you were created. When you allow the Universal power within you to come forth, the Universe supports that — which is why life becomes easy.

You may have heard from famous musicians or dancers who say they never started their artistic pursuits for money, but simply because they felt it was what they simply had to do with their lives. The riches can come automatically when you’re aligned with your life’s purpose.

Life becomes easy. Making money becomes easy. Being happy is easy.

If you’re feeling stressed out and unhappy it’s a signal that you’re working against the flow of life. Even if you think all this ‘doing’ is helping you achieve results, you can be sure that major successes and positive life changing moments are passing you by because your incessant busy-ness is jeopardising any chance they have to manifest.

Do less, find just ten minutes a day to be peaceful, and you’ll earn more — happiness, money, prosperity and abundance.

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