Dream Doer Friday…Violette

Yesterday, I had the fortunate experience of interviewing Violette…who leads what she calls her Bohemian Tribe…through many adventures in art and creativity. He book, “Journal Bliss” is an amazing journey through creativity. Listen to the interview.

Violette is a Dream Doer Extraordinaire…an inspirational artist who lives in a Purple Magic Cottage in the south-western corner of British Columbia.

A Canadian Artist born in Casablanca, Morocco to Spanish parents, Violette is a compulsive painter, who paints with the color and warmth of Mediterranean Sunshine.

She works in a rush of artistic energy, painting not only on paper and canvas, but on whatever object falls beneath her gaze. She feasts on gorgeous bright colours and glitter and sunshine and joy, producing delightfully playful images filled with naivete and charm, poignant meaningful observations, wild patterns and colors. Violette’s art and life have become inseparable, her whole home has become an example of her creative energy.

Violette’s spirit and artistic drive are completely uncontrollable, her creativity bubbles out of her and expresses itself in all that she does. Sometimes her work is simply a whimsical little adventure of delightful pure graphics, peppered with the moons, stars, suns, butterflies, ufo’s, flying people and flying animals that delight her and constantly penetrate her art. Sometimes however her work has a serious side, a social comment to make, or a personal feeling to convey. Even then, Violette’s love of patterns and colour and life bring a spirit of delicate optimistic love to all that she does.

“My work is the result of a need to follow my creative spirit, to develop it and use it, fearlessly at times, to bring a sense of energy, depth and joy to my life and to those around me. In doing so I am constantly finding the same need in others. That is why I do what I do, and love what I do. I invite you to join me in this great adventure called life…squeeze the juice out of it!”

She has amazing workshops and a great  Creative Catalyst coaching session which includes a personal mind map by Violette. Check it out today!!!

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  1. says

    thank you so much Rebbeca for the wonderful interview – I sure enjoyed myself – it was as if we were sitting across from each other having tea and a chat!

    Love, Violette

  2. Rebecca says

    it was such fun for me violette…i really do want to talk further about a collaboration when you have time

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