A Post a Day for 3 Months…New Classes

Okay…I agreed to do this. Why?

Peer pressure…shame…insanity

Well, today on FaceBook Regina Garay, of Fauxology, said she has done this for the past 3 months and she intended to do it again. So in a moment of complete bravado, I posted that I would match her efforts. Others followed suit. So this is the public announcement and my vow to wow you each and every day until November 30th!

I will also be teaching several classes during this time for FAMM e-school, CraftEdU and right here for my Cre8Tive Compass Do What You Love WEBucation e-courses…

Do What You Love WEBucation e-courses o

Registration for Fall Quarter 2010 Open!!!

DWYL WEBucation e-courses, with Instructor Rebecca E. Parsons, are conducted in a supportive, nurturing environment within a password-protected forum website. The website is easy to navigate to make your classroom experience enjoyable and conducive to learning. The study at your convenience concept allows you to work at your own pace, in your time frame and in your fuzzy bunny slippers…if you so desire. At 2 AM or 2 PM, the DWYL student can choose to work whenever they like during the quarter.

PhotoShop Designer 2 – Mixed Media Exploration Continued -Instructor Rebecca E. Parsons

$128 3 modules or $48/module class begins 10/19/2010 (click on class name for full details & registration)

The journey into PhotoShop digital painting continues. ...If you are not currently using the computer as an art tool, you are missing out on a world of creativity! In this project-based course, we will use your artwork, your photos, clip art, custom brushes, text and more to to find more ways to add interest and depth as we create new works of art.

We will explore PhotoShop Elements’ Artistic Filters in depth in two of the modules. The third module will be about selections (cutting something out precisely to use in collage, another photo, etc.)

This is a project-based class and there will be up to 3 different artwork projects per module. You may purchase the whole package (your best price) or by the module alone. The choice is yours.

This class will catapult your digital paintings to a new level of sophistication. Great for quilters, fine artists, mixed media artists, altered artists, muralists, book artists, fabric artists…almost any artform will benefit by adding these tools to your skill set. You will graduate with a portfolio of new artwork.

art classes

Creative Submersion–on the Good Ship Lollipop – Instructor Rebecca E. Parsons

$128 6 Weeks class begins 9/21/2010 (click on class name for full details & registration)

Pick your favorite flavor from Lemon to Cherry and hop aboard the Good Ship to Creativity. Have you ever wondered what kind of art you should be creating? Do you long to dive into your own personal form of visual expression? Are you searching for that deep, deep connection with your true artistic voice and finding the way to use it? Wait no more…your ship has come in!!!

The mission of the workshop is to set sail on a voyage toward your higher self which allows you to flow into the art that is uniquely your own. Learn to trust that inner wisdom and become the Captain of your workmanship! As we dive into the exercises, we find the treasure that lies deep inside in a way that allows you to excel at your chosen artform.

We will play or relearn to play. We will write, draw, paint, tell stories, dance and drum. We will work with the reckless abandon of a child.

We will explore ways to expand our creativity through a series of exercises including: guided visualization, automatic drawing and writing, map making, memoir, and storytelling. Graduates of this course

art workshops

The Business of BEing an Artist – Instructor Rebecca E. Parsons

$38 3-75 minute telephone calls class begins 9/28/2010 (click on class name for full details & registration)

If you long to leave your full-time job, this class is for you. If you need to earn some money with your art, this class is for you. If you want to open an online shop, this class is for you. Explore what is involved in starting an art business and what it takes to make it successful in this 3-part teleseries. Two calls will focus on the business of BEing an artist. The third call is a Q & A session where you can ask anything you want.

craft classes

Classes offered thru CraftEDU

Addicted on Pixels (PhotoShop for Mixed-Media Artists) – Instructor Rebecca E. Parsons

$38 each Series of 6 modules (click on class name for full details & registration after 9/5/2010)

Offered through CraftEDU, this series will take you into the magical world of digital painting…but be warned, it can be habit forming!!! If you are not currently using the computer as an art tool, you are missing out on a world of creativity! Take advantage of today’s technologies to add a new dimension to your artwork. We will use your artwork, your photos, clip art, custom brushes, text and more to find new ways to add interest and excitement as we create new works of art. The possibilities are endless as we explore blending modes, layers, levels, opacity and brushes. We will also learn how to create and add a copyright mark to protect your images. You will be given the techniques, resources and inspiration for a lifetime of creative play. You will graduate energized, motivated and confident to create your own digital artwork.

visit CraftEDU.com to register after 9/5/2010

Zen Doodling – My take on Zentangles – Instructor Rebecca E. Parsons

$28 6 Weeks class begins 10/8/2010(click on class name for full details & registration after 9/5/2010)

My take on the wonderful art of zen drawing for relaxation, creativity and imagination. You will be introduced to the artform with a killer video that will have you dreaming of patterns and doodles. Then twice a week for 6 weeks, you will receive a zen doodle prompt with a pattern to jump start your doodles.

visit CraftEDU.com to register after 9/5/2010

art business courses

Registration is open until August 30, 2010.

I am available to answer your questions here: Contact Rebecca

Launched in 1995, Rebecca E. Parsons’ Do What You Love Workshops have trained thousands of artisans and indie creative entrepreneurs in the traditional classroom setting. Now Rebecca brings the same highly-acclaimed workshops to the Internet… a complete Webucation of the artisan forging a life and a business with the work of their hands.

I consider myself a Webucator who provides a supportive and encouraging environment in which to learn and grow your art making skills. What makes DWYL so unique is that also empowers the creative entrepreneur with the necessary skills to sustain an independent arts practice in today’s world.” explaines Rebecca.

“All courses are developed within my mentoring approach to teaching,” Rebecca says. Some classes include individual instruction as well as group instruction. Coaching and mentoring will be a part of it. What’s different about DWYL Workshops is that many of the classes will include personal contact with Rebecca and some one-on-one time.

I don’t believe that Webucation will take the place of in-person classes. However, it is an additional way to get education. It definitely makes sense. These online courses are a low-cost alternative to classroom training and are a perfect solution for individuals or small companies who do not have the budget or time for an onsite class. You may have the time, but not that extra cash to travel, so you can go to the computer. Whenever you want, the technology is there.

Art & Creativity Courses

Beginners and more advanced artists will find something to grow their skills and enhance their talents. My passion is Mixed Media, surface design and drawing…

The Art of Creative Doodling

Layerd Painted Backgrounds (exploring the mediums)

FreeForm Epressive Lettering (create your own alphabet)

Fabric Collage Techniques

Doodle Portraits

Stencil, Stamp, Embellish

Design Functional Custom Accessories

Sketching the Face of an Angel

Come Down from the Ladder We’re Making Art Down Here

a program for individuals transitioning from decorative painting into fine arts

Boomer Geek Girl Courses

My other passion is graphic design where I have earned me the nickname of Boomer Geek Girl. I have been on a computer since 1983. My first mac had a screen the size of your iPhone. I use PhotoShop to enhance, embellish and amplify my artwork…and I can teach you how to do it too!

PhotoShop Designer 1 & 2

PhotoShop Tricks 1 & 2

Cre8Tive Entrepreneur University Courses

Longtime painting industry instructor Rebecca E. Parsons has rebranded her workshops and mentoring programs under the comprehensive Creative Entrepreneur University (CEU). The courses empower the creative entrepreneur with the necessary skills to sustain an independent arts practice in today’s world.

Creative Entrepreneur University operates like a traditional university with seven integrated schools: Art, Business and e-Commerce, Communications, Design, Life, Marketing and Social Media. That is where tradition ends as CEU takes full advantage of online components such as video, teleconferencing, screencasting, webcasting and e-books to deliver its curriculum.

Finding Your Own Visual Voice

Here Today-Blog Tomorrow where you will build your own blog

e-Commerce for Artists and Craftsmen

Social Media Deconstructed

“There is no reason for an artist not to have a visual presence on the Internet today,” says the self-named Boomer Geek Girl. “It is so easy to build a blog and the technology is free. If you are afraid of your computer, or the Internet, or FaceBook and Twitter, I can help you get over that in less that two days.”

Creative Entrepreneur University will feature a wide range of classes with Parsons and other world-class instructors. “The most unique offerings will be in the School of Life, where we will discover your core values, strengths and weaknesses and forge a business model based on your uniqueness,” Parsons stated. The range of pricing is from free to thousands and there will be some package pricing options available.

Why Take A Class With Rebecca?

Rebecca is a talented artist and a highly-respected and motivational teacher. She encourages you to go beyond your preconceived limits and soar.

I have very little computer experience?

If you can right click and save a file to your desktop, you have all the experience you need to take the courses. My PDFs are compressed and all you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them. You can download that here. My videos are compressed as a QUICKTIME MOVIE FILE. If you have any problems viewing the videos in the classroom, a free player for you to download that will enable you to watch the videos perfectly. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

I Can’t Make Every Class?

Like traditional schools Do What You Love Workshops follow the quarter schedule. There are four quarters each year:

January – March


July -September

October – December

The course you buy is open to you throughout the entire semester. If you start mid semester, you have the remaining weeks for access to the course materials. Classes vary in length from a 2-day weekend intensive to 6 weeks….so there is ample time for learning even in the last month of a semester. There is also plenty of built-in time for my one-to-one help within the forum and on the course teleconference(s). You are guaranteed personal help and guidance from Rebecca.

How do I sign up for a course?

To participate in a workshop, you must pay your class fees before you are allowed access to the class. Once paid, you can expect two e-mails within 24 hours. One contains your receipt, general school policies and information. The second contains access information to your classroom and forum. No one can become a student without first paying for a class. Sometimes invitations get sent to your spam folder so check there before e-mailing me. If you do not receive your e-mails, contact me at: Contact Rebecca and include your pay pal invoice information and I will send your information again.

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