One-One One-One One…

So many things to do…so little time!!!  News…News…Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast, just like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland…Sometimes I have even accomplished six impossible things before breakfast…today was one of those days!!!

Alice illustration by the amazing Janet Lee

There’s news…There’s News…ever so BIGGG news for me!!!

2011 is my breakthrough year indeed

So, let me tell you my little secret.

It is not too late to wake up and make your life what you want it to be.

No need to belabor the point that the past few years have been a learning period as I attended the school of life for the umpteenth time…and friends have not felt shy about reminding me that the most difficult and heart-heavy times come just before a breakthrough!

So when I choose SOAR as my mantra for 2011 and penned my vision for the year…I could only dream of the time when the breakthrough would come…and it did…in spades.


Plenty of happy dancing going on here today!!! I am so very excited to let you in on secrets I have been holding for a while…I have hinted and smiled a lot recently…and today is the day I tell all.

The news

My art has been chosen to grace the newest book written by best-selling author Patty Digh. What I Wish for You out in April-pre-orders taken at Amazon.. Creative is a Verb and Life is a Verb.

I have my own Live Television Show – Mixin’ It Up with Rebecca on Cool2Craft Network which premiers Valentine’s Day 2/14/2011 with special guest appearance by Stephen Suede Baum, designer best known (so far) for Project Runway and SUEDEsays.

I am revealing plans about my newest old favorite pastime of making old furniture into something amazing and usefull… Coming soon (I am so excited I am ready to burst)

Ghosts of Furniture Past dot com

I have been named a Designer for FaveCrafts and a Craft-Tastic LIVE Designer.

I am a regular columnist for Life Gloss and Vintage Allies Variety Broadcasting.

Grand Opening Today

@ 1:11 PM 1-11-11!!!

Cre8Tive Bistro – the cyber hangout for digital artists, photographic artists and mixed media artists. There will be


I have hundreds of textures, both photographic and created, to share with you. Some are Free to download and use for personal artwork and photography. Some have a small fee.


I love creating custom brushes. I can create one or a set for you too. I can also create a custom watermark for you.


My newest adventure is creating actions for my students to use with PhotoShop. I will make some of these available to you in the near future.


I am also writing on a PhotoShop Cookbook.


Designer pARTy Shop – we put the ART in party! Designer Party Printables…

Original Designs for use in home decor, party throwing, weddings, showers….almost all occasions and soirees!! You will be able to print these designs on your home printer and have a party in minutes!!!

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