Monday Marketing Minute #27 Your NEED to be Blogging

Why You Need to Be Blogging Now…

Seth Godin

Tom Peters

Here is a very short video from best selling authors Seth Godin and Tom Peters. It gives a unique perspective on why you should be blogging now. And you’ll be surprised by their thoughts.

creative entrepreneur

It is not ‘typical’ Internet Marketing jibber jabber spiel. They speak to the inner growth experience of blogging. It reinforces what I have been saying for a long time…

A Blog is the best best best
marketing tool available today…
and it’s FREE!!!!

A blog is not only good for marketing…it is good for you. Seth Godin says, “It doesn’t matter who reads it.” Tom Peters states, “It’s the best damn marketing tool, by order of magnitude, I’ve ever seen.”

I realized after a few months that blogging was going to be my greatest growth experience. My voice become alive within me…it became alive to the world…I found my voice as an artist, a woman, a spiritual being…through blogging.

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