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Amanda Gore

Amanda Gore of The Joy Project is my new BFF. Well, only kinda because I have never actually met her…but she would be if I did!

Joyfull chatterbox Amanda. often called a ‘people whisperer’, is a multi-talented author, professional speaker and self improvement guru. My kind of gal indeed. She teaches people how to bring out the best in themselves and others, and how to keep a positive spirit, no matter what the circumstances. She is a communications and performance expert, who helps people achieve results by re-connecting them to what really drives their attitudes, behaviour, engagement, joy and positive outcomes in business and life.

Her expertise in transforming the spirit of people changes perceptions; improves relationships and leadership; connects and engages people; and reframes the value of change.

Author of five books, several DVD and audio training programs, Amanda blends her areas of expertise to connect body, mind and spirit to show people how to become more effective professionally and personally and to rediscover joy at work and in life she simply tells it like it is leading with the heart, motivating with laughter and bringing out the best in people.

Jumping for JOY

I want to build a JOY Tribe with Amanda…won’t you come and play with us?

Amanda’s book, The Gospel of Joy, is your guidebook to creating the life you want…and are meant to have.  Whether you would like to improve your relationships, family, work, health or attitude, if you follow the daily activities in this book, it will rewire your brain to joy and offer you the keys to reconnect with what’s important in your life; and find the hope, peace, and wisdom in your heart; enjoy the blessings of laughter and love every day; and create a successful, joy filled life!

Buy this book if you want to be truly happy!


  • to feel joy bubbling through you every day!
  • to help you make a difference in the world;
  • to open up to the flow of giving and receiving;
  • to learn to use your spiritual gifts;
  • to feel connected to what is important in life;
  • to feel peace in your heart and…to feel truly alive!

photo from The Joy Project dot com


What you want is so near…so near!
It requires only a little shift,
The simple turn, from self to higher,
The letting go of time, worries, doubts.
Let the spirit of gratitude carry you!
Claire Blatchford

The next time you see me…I want a Zoot Zoot Zoot!!!

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    Hi rebecca forgive me for taking so long to reply to your wonderful encouraging article! I feel like ih have been all over australia and back! Thank you so much for your support. It means so much to us at the joy project as we are launching our online learning program and trying to build our global joy community. If there is anything we can do to help you please let us know. We would be happy to help! Zooties galore!

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