Leo & Mary of SVGCuts on Artistically Speaking Radio 2/20/2011

Dream Doers
Leo Kowal and
Mary Rudakas
of SVGCuts
join us on
Artistically Speaking Talk Show


Sunday evening 2/20/11
6:30PM Eastern
5:30 PM Central
4:30PM Mouontain
3:30 Pacific


We have 3 great giveaways for this show!!! Join us during the show and you’ll have a chance to win one of three great prizes!

Grand Prize – Provo Craft Cuttlebug (MSRP: $89.99)

1st Prize – Sure Cuts A Lot 2 (MSRP: $90.oo)

2nd Prize – $25 SVGCuts.com Gift Card


The grand prize will be given away to a live caller and the other prizes will be given away to chat participants. Visit this link to learn how to get involved in the chat: Register on Blog Talk Radio

Hint: Listen very closely as you may be asked a question about the interview in order to win a prize!

About Leo and Mary

Leo and Mary (SVGCuts co-founder and artist) live in the Chicago suburbs with their cat Gucci. They enjoy seeing new movies, raw organic food, biking and hiking in search of perfect nature photo ops. Mary does paper crafts, creative projects and is interested in natural beauty and fashion, alternative media, Egyptology, crystals. Leo was born in Poland and is a self-taught photographer, entrepreneur and co-founder of Autumn Creative LLC. His ultimate goal is to shoot White Sox baseball for Getty Images, Sports Illustrated or the AP. These two young techsavvy entrepreneurs met in September 2005 and have not stopped planning and executing projects together since.

About SGVCuts

If  you are ready to evolve your paper crafting and you have a personal cutting machine (like an eCraft, Craft ROBO or Cricut), SVGCuts is where the action is.

You’re about to drool all over your keyboard!  Warning: you might want to leave our website before you’re totally addicted!

Tens of thousands of crafting fans  have made SVGCuts their favorite destination for paper craft ideas, free downloads and reasonably-priced kits and collections.  You will find beautiful designs to spark your imagination!

They do all the designing for you…or you can mix-and-match designs to create something totally unique! From beautiful 3D flowers to 3D animals, from full-size gift boxes and exquisite birthday cards to 3D pop-up cards and adorable children’s birthday banners…they have something for everyone.  Once you start looking through their designer portfolio, you won’t know which to choose first!

We guarantee that your friends and family will be amazed by your creations, and go ahead – take all the credit!

They also offer great video tutorials (all free!) on our blog which walk you though everything. Leo (SVGCuts co-founder) has over 15 years of IT/help-desk support and walks you through his very clear and concise videos on the Sure Cuts a Lot software.  Watch them all and become a pro, or just know they’re there if you need anything explained!

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