1960’s FaceBook & Twitter Vintage Ads

Okay…I admit it…I AM old enough to remember when!!! I keep telling my children there was so a FaceBook and Twitter in the 1960s. FaceBook was falling asleep face down while pulling an all-nighter because you waited until the last minute to study for an exam. And Twitter, as in my heart was a—-, happened when you were Groovin’ on a Sunday afternoon!!! Now I have visual proof that I am for real not kidding…just look at these:

This is one of those why didn’t I think of that moments. DUH!!!  I am so groovin’ on these retro advertising pieces designed by Brazillian ad company MOMA Propoganda. High resolution downloadable posters of the vintage ads by MOMA Propoganda are now available through Maximidia in English and Spanish!!!

found via Ads of The World

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    Rebecca! Applause! What a great approach you have to all you do! It’s marvelous to embrace the unfolding fun, creativity, imagination, zest and zeal you possess!

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