June 14, 2011

Clear American Sparkling Flavored Water

by Rebecca E. Parsons

Okay..so my sister loves flavored waters. She always has one with her. She is coming to visit (people always visit when you live at the beach) and has requested that I fill the fridge with sparkling flavored water!!! Her favorite is Clear American Sparkling Flavored Water from Wamart. That’s a mouthful indeed!!

Here at my house we drink plain old water (bottled), iced tea and Diet Coke. We purchase our bottled water from those machines outside grocery stores…remember we live at the beach and this is a must!! We buy about 10 gallons a week at 30 cents each. I should have a water cooler. We drink Crystal Light tea and Diet Coke a few times each week.

I drink water at meals except breakfast when I have my diet coke with hummus and flatbread. That’s my dirty little secret!!! Hubby drinks water and iced tea with meals when we have it.

We don’t drink flavored waters unless you count Crystal Light. So I was amazed when I saw the flavored water aisle.

I was even more amazed when I saw the variety of Clear American Sparkling Flavored Water.

There must be 20 or more flavors.

There are also waters with jobs like Energy, Antioxident, Renew and Relax!!! These caught my attention!!!

I really spent about 20 minutes discovering all these waters. Who knew? They had me at Black Cherry and Wild Cherry…I am a sucker for anything cherry.

The lavender Relax bottle called to me also…so I bought three to try…

I never tried these waters because I am not overly fond of sweet drinks. I guess I always thought they would be sickeningly sweet. So here goes…They are sweet, not overly so…but I could not drink more than a glass at one sitting.

My favorite thing about them is the Sparkling part…I love sparkling waters!!! I splurge on them at restaurants!!! Now I can have a sparkling water more often as the Clear American Sparkling Flavored Water’s are only 64 cents for a 33.8 ounce bottle.

That’s right 64 cents!!! That is cheaper than a bottle of regular water!!!

There were lots of other flavored waters in the same aisle….

I am attracted to these colorful bottles!!!


some on Rollback special for $1….

obviously this is a great price because the shelves were almost empty!!!

You can buy a 4-bottle pack of smaller bottles for $1.84.

There was an endcap with GatorAde (Florida fave) for $7.98…

A display for Crystal Light packets that you mix in bottles water…but I could not read the price!!!

There were many, many choices…Now you see why I was in that aisle for 20 minutes!!!

HINT: My sister..she freezes the bottles and carries them to the beach.

You can view a slide show with more photos at This Moment.

You should know that this shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.  All ideas and opinions are 100% my own.

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Swap Your Drink with Clear American Sparkling Flavored Water
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