Artist Ricki Mountain (Groove Press) is a Dream Doer

Dream Doer Ricki Mountain is an established artist,  illustrator, collagist, and painter. She will be on Artistically Speaking Talk Show this Sunday (6/26/11) at 6:30 PM east/3:30 PM west.

Ricki uses her creative artwork along with technology to create unique one of a kind images. Her prolific and versatile nature appeals to audiences of all ages. Ricki Mountains images are used as licensed artwork for fine art prints, and posters, giftware, tableware, wall decor, textiles, home accessories products, and much more…


You can buy Rick’s art here

She recently launched Groove Press, a Creative Artist CO-OP and handmade arts and crafts marketplace. She writes:

You guessed it. We actually are artists; we’re approachable, professional and passionate about what we do. We value a strong work ethic, never shy away from a challenge, and surround ourselves with like minded individuals. Our artistic approach to art and handmade design means we value forward thinking and collaboration.

What can you do? As a member of our Creative Artist CO-OP and handmade arts and crafts marketplace, you can build your very own unique e-commerce shop and artistic identity that will be built upon a strong artist platform and community along with other great artisans. You can provide excellent customer service to each and every buyer. With your creativity, imagination and talent, you can create your own brand and unique selling venue, your own artful blog, and have free use of our creative arts and craft groups and discussions, as well as have access to unlimited tips to the trade. You can share your groovy shop with friends and fellow artisans and other social networking sites. So why not get in the groove today and join us.

Your Success is Our business…. The possibilities are endless!




$8.99 for your first month! The Next Five are on us.
Setup your hassle free shop, with our FREE importer tool.
List up to 100 items (unlimited inventory count per item)

*We only have 500 to offer, so hurry on over to Groove Press and open your shop today.

No listing fees
No final valuation fees
No exclusive contracts
No commissions
No shop expiration
No HTML required.

When you sign up for our “New” Advanced Package for the low, low price of only * $8.99. You will get access to every feature. You will also get increased on-site exposure, and if you ever need help we have a friendly customer support team.

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