DIY Mercury Glass Pumpkin Tutorial with Krylon’s Looking Glass Paint

Earlier I shared a DIY Mercury Glass tutorial by my friend Monica Benavidez of Monica Wants It blog. I so loved what she did, I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. Sunday, while walking through a flea market, I found a glass pumpkin jar…and below is my take on Monica’s creativity!!!

Faux Mercury Glass vignette

I was lucky enough to find a can of is Krylon’s Looking Glass Paint in my local Ace Hardware. I had to pay $12.95 for it, but it saved me a trip into Jax…so the extra dollar was a better deal than gallons of gas. They happened to have it because another woman had special ordered some and they bought a whole case. Thank you unidentified creative sister!!!

Spraying Krylon looking Glass Paint

I washed my pumpkin thoroughly and let it dry. HINT: The Looking Glass paint is a reverse painting technique. It must be sprayed on the back of the surface you want to become mirrored.  It won’t look right prayed on the exterior.

I wanted my pumpkin to look old and worn…like a well-loved antique. So I lightly misted the interior surfaces with water. Do not go overboard with the water or the paint will run everywhere. You just want a fine mist in a few places to achieve a pitted look. I sprayed the lid first as it was easier to do than the inside of the pumpkin. The first pass didn’t look like much happened. After three light coats, it was looking much more mirror-like.

Looking Glass Paint technique

You can see the fine pitting around the middle, but I wanted it more worn so I dabbed in spots with a wad of newspaper. I did this while the paint was still damp. It removed the paint in areas I touched. I was pleased with the outcome. Doing the inside of the pumpkin however, was a challenge. It took several attempts to get it right because I used too much water at first. That caused runs that I did not like. So I dabbed with a larger wad of paper, sprayed another coat, dabbed some more until I had the right look. It was not easy spraying inside either. I finally just turned the pumpkin on it’s side and rotated it while holding the can outside. I turned it upside down on paper and let it run into the top rim area which was almost impossible to spray!!

Looking Glass Painted Pumpkin

You can see through it in the photo above and below. See the beautiful striations?

Looking Glass Painted Pumpkin with candle inside

I just love this photo of the Looking Glass Painted Pumpkin with candle inside.

This was so much fun to do and I will be searching for other things to paint with Krylon Looking Glass Paint!!! stay tuned,,,

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  1. says

    Is it safe for the candle to be that close to the spray paint? I would love to replicate this project but am a little nervous — maybe it wouldn’t be a problem after it’s dry?
    Let me know what you think!

  2. Rebecca E. Parsons says

    Hilary…the paint is dry and I have done it many times. No problems so far!!!

  3. says

    I really do need to get me some of the Krylon Looking Glass spray paint! Love the project. Love how it looks with the candle too!

    Rebecca, it was so nice to meet you this weekend! And thanks so much for sharing this fabulous tutorial at our spray paint link party!



  4. Rebecca E. Parsons says

    It is such a fun paint to play with. So many options for creativity. Get some and let me see what you make.


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