October 2, 2011

DIY The Art of Pancakes ~ Food That Screams Creativity

by Rebecca E. Parsons

I was browsing for an artful idea to share with you and found these delightful and oh-so-colorful pancakes at Bit Rebels. That started my imagination running like the wild visionary I am…so today’s Sunday Inspiration image is all about playing with your food and transforming  your breakfast into art on a chilly Sunday morning…Enjoy some designer pancakes soon!!!

DIY Colorful Pancakes

secret - just add food coloring to your mix

Good luck pancake cupcakes from Jenni Price Illustration

good luck panakes

secret - place pancake in muffin tin after cooking

Heart-shaped chocolate chip pancakes from My Artful Life

heart shaped choc chip pancakes

secret - make forms with aluminum foil

Lacy filigree hearts from Live Internet...

lacy pancakes

secret - a lacy iron dipped in batter and deep fried

Heart-shaped bananas on top of pecan pancakes from Diary of a Sower

pecan pancakes with heart bananas

secret - cut notch in banana and shape the sides

and shark pancakes for your adventurer from Dunlap11

shark pancake

secret - have no earthly idea!!!

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