DIY Fall Spruce Up of Your Front Door with Color #DIY

Your front door says a lot!!! It is an amazing place to show the world what surprises lie within your home. It sets the tone for guests when they arrive. Fall is a great time to spruce up your front door with a new coat of paint. I offered some amazing fall wreath ideas last week to get you thinking about decor. Now we talk about making the door amazing.

yellow front door

yellow front door from

Feng Shui books tell you to paint your front door red to bring in the strong Yang energy. ‘The [front] door is very important because it brings to you the very auspicious energy that will nourish your house.‘ If the whole neighborhood has red doors…perhaps you want to beak the monotony. Here I offer some inspiration…

pink front door color

pink front door from watermelonwine.files

lime front door color

lime front door from Curlin Reed Sullivan

teal front doorvcolor

teal front door from

purple front door color

purple front door from

blue front door color

blue front door from

Below you find my inspiration…a French or Greek blue color…

French Blue Door color

French blue door from

If you are ready to spruce up your front door now, here is a great How to Paint Your Front Door Tutorial from DIY Network

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    I just love it Rebecca!!! Shows lots of different doors! I’m still trying to figure out which one I like most!!! Thanks for sharing them with us Rebecca!!! *HUGS*

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