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To celebrate spring and the launch of yummy TCBY frozen yogurt in grocery stores (YEAH for us lactose challenged people), I hosted my annual Celebrate Spring Party with a dozen friends and HIMself. It is the first shindig we have held in our new little villa…so you along with our guests got a peek at our new life in a nature preserve by the sea!!! The amazing sunrise is reflected on the Spanish moss the morning of the party…it had rained all day the day before…so I welcomed the sun with glee!!!

#TCBYgrocery sunrise on spanish mossPreparations had begun days before this glorious sunrise when I went shopping for the TCBY froYO in Jacksonville. My Walmart on the island did not have their shipment of TCBY frozen treats in as yet. It should be here sometime next week and it should be in your Walmart too!!! Here is my cart filled with every flavor of TCBY frozen yogurt, plus novelties and yogurt bars…

#TCBYgrocery shopping cart at Walmart

#TCBYgrocery shopping cart at Walmart

To see my entire path to purchase (it is a really fun time) see my slide show here. You will not believe how much TCBY and toppings and party ware we bought…well perhaps you will as I continue…see that $220 total???

#TCBYgrocery at WalmartOkay, so I do go a bit bananas when I throw a party…but I am over the top excited about this new frozen yogurt by TCBY. I love ice cream…who doesn’t? But I have not been able to enjoy it for many years–YES YEARS–due to a lactose intolerance issue…BUMMER!! However, I am thrilled that I can safely eat every one of these TCBY frozen treats without one upset!!! DISCLAIMER: (always a disclaimer) This is not a medically proven  fact or statement, just my experience with the yummy froYO.

So back to the preparations. I designed and created these invitations in PhotoShop (love me some PhotoShop). Each was printed on heavy paper, cut out and rolled like a scroll and tied with a yellow polka dot ribbon.

#TCBYgrocery invitations #TCBYgrocery invitations





HIMself and I set about the neighborhood presenting the invitations to each honored guest…here he is handing one to Bobbie…

#TCBYgrocery invitationsThe guests out of walking distance were e-mailed their invitations…Gotta love technology. So with that out of the way, I set about creating a bountiful feast of sorts…a sweet feast in the afternoon!!! Here are some of the decor items…including me!!! I love the spoons standing up in a jar of bright candies!!! I want to extend a BIG WOO HOO to TCBY for creating the packages to match the same color scheme as my party!! TEE HEE!!!

#TCBYgrocery invitationsA bright pink straw hat with a yellow butterfly proclaimed SPRING on the courtyard gate. I found the straw hats and butterflies at the dollar store. SCORE!!! I just attached a butterfly to each hat in a corresponding color and threw them around the house for pops of color. And speaking of pops of color, this rainbow pinwheel waved in the wind to greet our guests…and told of the fun to come inside!!!

#TCBYgrocery pinwheel

I had even painted two chairs aqua and yellow earlier in the week…well really HIMself painted the chairs…he did a great job…you see a glimpse of the chair below…stay tuned as I will have a whole Ghosts of Furniture Past story about the chairs next week…I promise!!!

#TCBYgrocery aqua-hat-yellow-chairI asked the guests to arrive at 2PM sharp so the TCBY frozen treats would still be frozen!!! In Florida you can never be too careful about that!!! They did as told and soon began to create their very own unique version of sundaes, floats and shakes…oh my!!! Everyone loved the creaminess and flavor of the TCBY yogurt. Most thought it was hard to tell it from ice cream…and some were so excited that it had less calories!!!

#TCBYgrocery guestsI will let the photos tell the rest of the story…


On the health side, with 7 probiotics in each, TCBY also has extra health benefits !! TCBY frozen yogurt is considered ‘Super Fro Yo’ according to the TCBY website, Super Fro Yo is “a new classification of super nutritious frozen yogurt that remains unparalleled.”  That rocks in my book!!!

#TCBYgrocery You can find TCBY on:


#TCBYgrocery guests

#TCBYgrocery Sir Chancelot (all decked out in party scarf) guards the cake table


Sir Chancelot (all decked out in party scarf) guards the cake table…



#TCBYgrocery My sock monkey ColBi (short for Collective Bias) said goodbye to guests perched atop his ice cream froYo stool!!! The story of ColBi is forthcoming in the next week too!!!

#TCBYgrocery Colbi

ColBi in disguise as the Easter bunny

the end…



This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias However, all opinions, photos and ideas are 100% my own.

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  1. says

    Apparently my invitation was lost in the mail. Now THAT would have been a fun party to be at. I’m the same way with fro-yo – it doesn’t seem to bother my lactose intolerance. Glad we now have many more choices.

  2. Rebecca E. Parsons says

    I love that whole teal collection…bought most of it and will use all summer

  3. says

    I feel like I’m in Alice in Wonderland! The pictures and colors are so vibrant and dreamy! Beautiful celebration!

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