Kitchens I Want to Cook In Someday

I spent a wonderful part of Sunday afternoon creating a new board on Pinterest!!! I am spending more and more time there and have now included time for it in my weekly calendar!!! Oh yes I did!!!

Kitchens I Want to Cook In Someday

I know that you are feeling the same way…just admit it now and save us both a lot of denial!!! So I am getting that redo redecorating itch again…and you know what that means. I am off in research land for now…but a project is on the way!!!

Here are some of my favorite kitchens from my Pinterest board:

I am beginning to see a pattern here…

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  1. says

    They are all so pretty. Loving the lighter green. I was going to paint the kitchen a really pale yellow, but maybe now I’ll do a green. Hmmmm..

    Btw, completely in LOVE with the chandelier in the first photo.

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