Puppy Bowl Party-Gumbo and More #rethinkwhatyoudrink

Big game Sunday means Puppy Bowl for me!!! TEE HEE!!

It is Big Game Sunday in NOLA! Loads of excitement and loads of delicious food. However, in this house we watch The Puppy Bowl. In honor of the Louisiana setting of that other game, I am cooking up some very special treats with Better Tasting Silk® Soy Milk. (You know I have a lactose problem and always use a milk alternative.) So the Gumbo will have a creamy twist and the dessert will have no dairy whatsoever!!! I can enjoy all I want…within reason of course.

Puppy Bowl Party Table Silk® Soy Milk #rethinkwhatyoudrink

Puppy Bowl Chalkboard Silk® Soy Milk #rethinkwhatyoudrink

Embracing the Better Tasting Silk® Soy Milk #rethinkwhatyoudrink

February is Lactose Intolerance Awareness Month! I am sure have have heard me bemoan the fact that I am lactose intolerant. It started a few years ago and now I rarely indulge in the dairy products I love. I fully embraced Silk as my drink of choice in 2008. It has by far the best taste of any of the milk substitutes as far as I am concerned. And the Silk Pure Almond and Pure Coconut are just ‘pure’ delicious. ;} When I went to pick some up at Walmart I saw that Silk had improved the taste since I bought my last carton. So I put it to a test as I just happened to have a carton of the older version. And they are right…it does taste even better. I have included some really interesting facts about Silk products and the brand’s Honest to Goodness™ promise below the recipes…it might just be time to #rethinkwhatyoudrink!

Better Tasting Silk® Soy Milk #rethinkwhatyoudrink

Gumbo is on…

I started cooking early on Puppy Bowl day. The Seafood Gumbo goes into the Ninja Slow Cooker for that slow food flavor; and the Custard Tarts need to chill. And I love to cook Cajun with all that spicy, creamy goodness. Lush and rib-stickin’!  Here is the invitation and the menu:

Puppy-Bowl-Invite Puppy-Bowl-Menu

The Party

Party Table Silk® Soy Milk #rethinkwhatyoudrink Chance Welcomes Guests Silk® Soy Milk #rethinkwhatyoudrink
Guests eat Silk® Soy Milk #rethinkwhatyoudrink Creamy Seafood Gumbo Silk® Soy Milk #rethinkwhatyoudrink

Creamy Seafood Gumbo over CousCous

Creamy Seafood Gumbo Silk® Soy Milk #rethinkwhatyoudrink

Don’t let the list of ingredients stop you from making my delicious version of gumbo. To save time, I bought canned ingredients at Walmart. Really, the prep time is just chopping the onions and garlic and sauteing them. The rest is magic in the Ninja Cooking System or Slow Cooker. NOTE: I usually use fresh seafood because I live in the shrimp capital, but I wanted to make this an easy and fast gumbo. You can substitute ANY fresh seafood if you like!


ingredients Silk® Soy Milk #rethinkwhatyoudrink

Olive Oil to coat saute pan
3 large green onions, sliced
5 cloves of garlic, diced
4 stalks celery, sliced medium
3 T butter
3 T all purpose flour
2 Cups Silk Soy Milk (Original)
1 Cup white wine, plus 1/4 C to deglaze the saute pan
1 can chicken broth
2 T Worchestershire sauce
1 large can of tomatoes
1 t Liquid crab boil
Tabasco sauce to taste
Salt & pepper to taste
Cayenne pepper to taste
1 t file powder
1 can of oysters, reserve oyster water
1 can crab meat, reserve crab water
1 can chicken
1 14 oz. bag 100-150 count frozen shrimp, thawed
Pearl Cous Cous, cooked

The Roux: In Ninja, set to stovetop (high) and melt butter. Reduce heat to medium, slowly whisk in flour, stirring well to blend. Let this bubble for about five minutes, stirring often. This is the secret of a good roux. The flour has to become one with the butter. It should be a warm brown color. Whisk in the 2 cups of Silk. Stir until thickened about 5-7 minutes. It should be like gravy…no lumps.  Stir in the wine, the broth and the oyster and crab water. Add Worchestershire sauce, spices, tomatoes and crab boil. Cover and let simmer while prepping onions and garlic. I will share the secrets of making the roux tomorrow.

Coat saute pan with olive oil and saute onions and garlic until soft. I like a lot of texture in my gumbo, so I slice the green onions. You can chop if you like though. Gumbo is about being creative. When soft, add 1/4 C wine to them to deglaze the pan. Add to the roux mixture. Cover and slow cook (medium) for 3 and a half hours.

Add seafood to the broth and cook for half an hour on high. You can cook on a lower temp if you want it to take longer. Serve with pearl cous cous and crusty French bread.

Seafood Gumbo over Cous Cous Silk® Soy Milk #rethinkwhatyoudrink

Creamy Seafood Gumbo Silk® Soy Milk #rethinkwhatyoudrink

Custard Tarts

Custard Tart Silk® Soy Milk #rethinkwhatyoudrink

I love to make these quick snacks. Once I found Silk, I could actually start enjoying them again. I love what the Silk Almond Milk adds to the French Vanilla pudding. I bet you will too.

Ready made small Graham Cracker Crusts
2 box pudding mix (I used French Vanilla)
2 C Silk Soy Milk (I used )
Fresh berries

Make pudding according to package directions substituting Silk Soy Milk for the regular milk. Pour into individual tart crusts. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Add fruit on top. For HIMself, I put a dallop of Lemon Curd on top before I add the fruit. Enjoy!

The Party is Over Creamy Seafood Gumbo Silk® Soy Milk #rethinkwhatyoudrink

You can continue the @LoveMySilk Party…There is a #rethinkwhatyoudrink Twitter Party on February 15th at 1pm EST. Try to attend New Silk Lattes! Prizes!! RSVP: http://bit.ly/XDlUER

Silk History, Promise and Facts

What you might not know is that Silk has been around since 1978. Originally thought of as a ‘health food’ but soon became America’s #1 Soymilk brand. Why? Silk Pure Almond is an excellent source of natural antioxidants, and each serving contains 50% more calcium than a glass of dairy milk! Silk products are 100% Lactose & Dairy free, and contain no cholesterol or saturated fat.It is fairly low in calories and works on cereal, in a latte and also cooks and bakes to perfection. I like the fact that they are responsibly produced! And I especially love their Honest to Goodness™ promise…

Responsibly Produced

Whether you’re sold on Silk because of the benefits of plant-based nutrition or you just love the taste, our products still reflect the same Promise that got us started in the first place: Begin with plant-based ingredients that are grown responsibly, and keep them as close to nature as we can. -from the Silk website

No artificial color & flavor

  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • No high-fructose corn syrup
  • Dairy-free
  • Non-GMO ingredients (Not genetically modified)
  • Responsibly produced

The story behind Silk’s sweetness
Non-GMO food info

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    Beautiful dishes! I usually reserve Gumbo for eating out at a restaurant due to all the work and long list of ingredients, but looks like you paired it down and made a fabulously delicious looking rendition! Thanks. Must pin this one.


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