Counting My Blessings ~ Why I #LuvSoFab {Social Fabric}

Happiest of Valentine’s Days to YOU!!! During the past several years I have come to know for sure that when a really wonderful dream comes into alignment with your present life there is a bunch of commotion, unease and even turmoil. If you are patient, during life’s rough spots, there is something beautiful ahead. I have learned to count and savor every one of my blessings… And this is my paradigm with Social Fabric and Collective Bias.

Count Your Blessings

There is much excitement at at Social Fabric today. I, along with my fellow CB/SF peeps, are celebrating with a Twitter Party!!! It is going to be so much fun just chatting with each other!!! XOXOX

My SoFab Love Story

On May 11th of 2011, I attended another Twitter Party celebrating Collective Bias’ second birthday. I attended mostly because they were giving away gift cards. I was blessed enough to win the first gift card for $25 and a whole lot of Truvia. I was so thrilled I cried.

But something else happened during that party. Some of the members were talking about projects they had done with SoFab where they had earned some great rewards. I was intrigued…you see I had been a member since January of that year, but did not understand the process. It looked like you had to spend money to make money…money I did not have. Yet, the chatter made me take a second look.

I had no idea what I was doing, but I applied for a project and prayed that I would get selected. I did get picked and I was scared to death. I had no idea what I was doing…so I just did what I thought the brand would like. I earned $64 and some dog collar charms and the rest is history. I fell in love with the people, the process and the ground breaking social marketing model. I knew these people were making history and that I was on the ground floor of something that would change the world.

Amy Callahan and John Andrews had birthed a new age of social marketing and, within that dream, bloggers could earn respect for their dedication while helping brands launch into interactive relationships with their customers. A Win Win for everybody.

Which brings me back to the bracelets above.  I recently completed a business development mission for SoFab. I bought these to commemorate my first anniversary with soFab and all the blessings that I have received since I took that first tentative step toward my destiny in 2011. The beads stand for the projects I have participated in, the silver disks stand for my angels (you two know who you are). I am blessed and counting those blessings each and every day.

Through SoFab, I have found validation, respect and encouragement. I have worked with brands like Mars/M&Ms, Kmart, Sear’s, Colgate, Gordon Ramsey, Sandra Lee, International Delight, TCBY, Starbucks, Hillshire Farm, Kraft, Walmart, Target and so many more. I have attended conferences I only dreamed of attending. I have learned how to lead a successful campaign. And I have a means to support myself as a writer/professional blogger and designer. The S4 Woman has returned ~ Smart, Savvy, Successful and more than a little Sassy. Sandra Lee said this magablog you are reading is “pure genius” and that I was “the hands down winner of wordsmithing!!!” Pretty heady stuff for someone who was trying to monetize her blog.

None of this would have happened without Social Fabric and Collective Bias and the leaders who found something in me I was not sure I had anymore. Thank you Courtney for believing in me. Thank you Amy for giving me the most precious of gifts. Thank you Lauren and Mailena and all those members who have touched my life through this community. CB means Count Your Blessings to me!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day soFab


I was not compensated to write the above…it came from my heart!!! #LuvSoFab

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