Fit in 2013 – Full Core Healthy Snack Replacement #StopSnacking

HIMself and I are on a ‘get fit’ campaign this year. We want to shape up, get stronger and feel better! Last year, Dave Henry gave us a sample of Full Core Healthy Snack Replacement drinks. We tried them and were pleased with the fresh lemon-lime taste plus Full Core is an good alternative to soda that provides 40% (10 grams) of daily fiber needs. It is a natural appetite and hunger control drink that promotes digestive health. We wanted to add them to our plan, but we didn’t have any more. :(

Full Core Healthy Snack Replacement #StopSnacking

If you don’t know about Full Core, here is a quick 16 second video for you…

Full Core Commerical #3 from full core on Vimeo

So, when I was given this opportunity to write about them, I jumped at the chance. Jumping is good for our plan!! With some online research, I found that they are available at several health stores in Jacksonville. So we headed off the island and into the big city. This is fun for me because I get to hit some thrift stores also!!!

Bridge to JAX

Our first stop was The Health Shoppe on Beach Boulevard. Our delightful clerk, Mary, told us about Full Core and answered other questions about protein powder and vitamins. We left with two Full Core 4-pack cartons and a single for HIMself to enjoy immediately…he was thirsty! One of the best things about Full Core is that it replaces the sugary soft drinks he so loves plus it has No fat, No sugar, No sodium, No caffeine, and No gluten! That is a win in my book!!! To see a recap of our exciting shopping adventure to Jacksonville, click here.

The Health Shoppe #StopSnacking HIMself drinks a Full Core #StopSnacking
Mary, The Health Shoppe #StopSnacking Full Core in car #StopSnacking

 Advantages of Full Core

According to the website, “full core is the best-selling nutritionally enhanced drink to combine the health benefits of 40% of your daily value of fiber (10 grams) with the nutritional rewards of a beverage rich in vitamins and minerals. full core is a refreshing, lightly carbonated lemon lime flavored appetite control drink, blended with 15 essential vitamins + minerals + fiber… This unique combination of ingredients works to naturally control appetite, promote digestive health, and makes full core a simple and positive step you can take any time, toward a healthy balanced lifestyle.”

Full Core Healthy Snack Replacement #StopSnackingThat’s it – A Healthy Balances Lifestyle!!! We are giving this a try as part of our Fit in 2013 plan. So far, it is really helping us to stop snacking. Along with more exercise and healthier food choices, we are changing the way we eat to more raw foods and less processed foods. We are even making smoothies with Full Core…they are yummy. And we always split a can before our biggest meal…but most of all I love the bubbles…

Bubbles in Full Core Healthy Snack Replacement #StopSnacking

Need help to #StopSnacking? Learn how at the @FullCore Twitter Party 2/27 1pm ET! There will be Prizes! RSVP here – Come share your healthy stories with us!!!

To find out more about Full Core and connect with them online:

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Full Core. #StopSnacking #CBias #SocialFabric” All opinions are my own.


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