February 10, 2014

First Hesitant (Dance) Steps to Heal My Spirit #SoFabulous

by Rebecca E. Parsons

Okay…so last week I wrote quickly about my joining a group of bloggers to look (and feel) SoFabulous by SoFabCon 14. I talked about my goals, but little about my reasons. Today I am opening up about my whys…soon I will tell you why I chose the sunshine badge…

I am overweight for many reasons (excuses some might say):

  1. I have a sad spine caused by a broken neck and broken back.
  2. I am on my computer way too much – I make my living thus…so it’s hard to carve out balance.
  3. I suffer from the after affects of abuse

Now before you think otherwise, I was neither sexually nor physically abused as a child. I was however, the victim of some pretty rugged verbal abuse by a parent who had issues with me as a human being. I left home to be to be married to a man who added physical abuse to the verbal. The strong woman you see today was not always thus. And, at times, I still suffer from these…

I recently took a class where our values were discussed at length. I discovered that my top core value is applause…this is not new information to me. However, I did have a light bulb moment when I realized that my top value (driving force) is something that I cannot give myself. I must receive my ‘value’ from others, waiting for crumbs to build my self worth. Can you see a corelation to my past? Yes, big time…

So I am busy at reframing my values to be more realistic and achievable!!! I no longer have the need to feel unworthy nor keep abusing myself by trying to achieve something I cannot ever have or have enough of. It took long enough to learn this life lesson…

So I started taking excellent care of myself today!

This morning after my meditative walk and prayers, I danced for 20 minutes. You might say, good for you. But it is a remarkable achievement for this girl who started life searching for that applause from audiences. I was born to dance! I studied dance for 16 years and even was awarded the only A+ in modern ballet (now called contemporary) in college. Then I broke my neck and all that went crashing away in a few seconds.

So dancing, even for a short time, is a great advancement for me. I will probably never be on stage again, but I will be dancing as long as the band plays at SoFabCon 14.

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