What Makes Me Smile and a #FABsmile Giveaway

Loads of things make me smile. The top smile-makers of my life are in the collage below. I received product from and a year’s subscription to FlossandBrush.com for my participation in this campaign as part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. That makes my smile brighter! :)
All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own…I wouldn’t do it otherwise.

My Smiles and Blessings


All of these people and things make me happy. Skyping with my grandchildren, my toes in the ocean, HIMself, cuddling my grandson, my granddaughter’s dimples, early morning walks with Sir Chancelot, my favorite cup of Bigelow Tea and my beloved marsh all bring a smile. I love that I live on a tiny island in Florida between the ocean and the marsh. Even the thought of my grandson’s joyful expression and my granddaughter’s “Thank you GeeMee” make my heart sing. As I write this, I look out my studio window and watch herons and egrets play. I am thrilled to be marrying HIMself this Thanksgiving on the beach surrounded by all those I love. I smile when I think that I get to do what I love every day…and share it with you. I am surely blessed beyond measure.

flossandbrush logo

Healthy Smiles

I am always sharing smiles across blogland with you and I can tell you that I know how important a healthy smile is. Healthy teeth make you feel better…for real. FlossAndBrush.com says “…oral health has a significant impact on the rest of your body as well. For example, gum disease has a direct connection to heart health.”  Heart health? OK, that’s a biggie. So listen to what FAB offers your family.


By subscribing to FAB at a cost of $1 per person/month, you receive a shipment of fresh, quality, age-specific toothbrushes and floss every three months. Why? Because the the American Dental Association says that toothbrushes should be replaced every three months. Hmmmm….when was the last time you replaced yours?


Good dental care also means developing a daily ritual of flossing your teeth. I floss every night right before bed. I keep the floss in my glasses case on my nightstand so I remember to floss when I take my glasses off. It works for me!!! FAB is the first system in the world that actually helps families stay accountable for daily flossing and changing their toothbrush every three months. More information can be found here: http://bit.ly/19cNlzQ.

FlossAndBrush.com offers four packages:

  • Adult Floss and Brush Package ($1.00 per month per family member): Brushes are Made in America with Micro Tip, Compact Soft, Dome Trim Bristle Design with Micro Feathered Bristles. Floss is made in America, Mint, Waxed, 60 yd, Shred Resistant, and Clinically Proven.

  • Youth Floss and Brush Package ($1.00 per month per family member): Brushes are Made in America with Micro Tip, Compact Soft, Dome Trim Bristle Design with Micro Feathered Bristles. Floss is made in America, Mint, Waxed, 60 yd, Shred Resistant, and Clinically Proven.

  • Kids Floss and Brush Package ($1.00 per month per family member): Brushes are Made in America with Micro Tip, Compact Soft, Dome Trim Bristle Design with Micro Feathered Bristles. Floss is made in America, Mint, Waxed, 60 yd, Shred Resistant, and Clinically Proven.

  • Adult Brush and Whitening Gel Package ($2.00 per month per family member): All the perks of the adult brush. Gel is Made in America with the same high-quality sold in dental offices. Uses carbamide peroxide for fast results. Gel contains potassium nitrate, which helps eliminate sensitivity

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my first package of toothbrushes, floss and whitening gel


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Good Luck Everyone!


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Coming to Terms: Brightness & Lightness



Many of us love to “geek out’ on color…whether it be with tools, materials or terms.  There isn’t always agreement about what each term actually means, and some of them seem to overlap.  Maybe some color terms cannot be neatly tied up in  one definition.


Let’s perceive this post as an exploration, an investigation, and a drilling down into some of the color terms we use every day.  Well, the color terms we may use often, without truly thinking about it, or considering what they mean.  Perception…that’s the ticket!  We’re going to take this slowly, step-by-step, working (and playing) through the Terms, like Noah’s Ark, two by two. We started at the beginning, with Color &  Hue.  We worked  our way through Colorfulness  & Chroma and Saturation & Intensity, (which was, no pun intended…tee hee…intense!)

web5Luminous Intensity

Now we are ready to wind up the series with a look at the concepts of “Brightness and Lightness“, which sounds like a definition of Grace.   May this exploration (just can’t quite call it a romp…drilling down into the definition of these Terms does take some fortitude!) be an illuminating experience for us all.

light8What is “Brightness”?

Brightness  is an attribute of visual perception in which a source appears to be radiating or reflecting light.[1] In other words, brightness is the perception elicited by the luminance of a visual target. This is a subjective attribute/property of an object being observed. 


In other words..the experience of “brightness” is “subjective”, or personal which can vary from person to person, as I understand the latter definition.  We experience “brightness’, as a response to the scientific phenomena of “Luminance” ...a photometric measure of the luminous intensity per unit area of light travelling in a given direction. It [Luminance] describes the amount of light that passes through or is emitted from a particular area, and falls within a given solid angle.

Thus, Brightness is what we see/perceive/experience as a result of that travel and “fall” of Light.  Still poetic.

WEB5Speaking of Light

What is “Lightness“…and how does it relate to “Brightness”…(besides rhyming with it…and creating poetry!)

Lightness  (sometimes called value or tone) is a property of a color, or a dimension of a color space, that is defined in a way to reflect the subjective brightness perception of a color for humans along a lightness–darkness axis. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightness

light9Speaking of Light and Shadow…

Key here is the phrase “…along a lightness-darkness axis.” “Value” is the property, aspect or dimension of color that references its relative lightness or darkness. We may speak of “That is a sky blue, lighter in value, then the darker midnight blue of the night sky.” Also note the use of the word “subjective” (“…defined in a way to reflect the subjective brightness perception of a color for humans…).  Our perception of Brightness is to at least some extent, personable and variable.  The measure of Luminance, which causes the level of brightness that we perceive, is an amount.  Lightness refers to our perception of Brightness in terms of lightness to darkness.  This is about as far as I am able to break it down at this time!


At one time in San Francisco, there was a Theatre Company called “Thick Description“.  This term also refers to an explanation of behavior, as well as its context…so that it can become meaningful to to others.  Sounds about as “thick” as our attempt to clarify the meaning of the Color Terms we use.

We may have to work through the “Thick Descriptions”, but my hope is for this series of post to shed some Light on Color…for YOU!  Out of the Darkness..into the Light…and Color!  We know Color is an effect of Light…after all.


Coming to Terms: Saturation & Intensity


Many of us love to “geek out’ on color…whether it be with tools, materials or terms.  There isn’t always agreement about what each term actually means, and some of them seem to overlap.  Maybe some color terms cannot be neatly tied up in  one definition.


Let’s perceive this post as an exploration, an investigation, and a drilling down into some of the color terms we use every day Well, the color terms we may use often, without truly thinking about it, or considering what they mean..  Perception…that’s the ticket!  We’re going to take this slowly, step-by-step, working (and playing) through the terms, like Noah’s Ark, two by two. We started at the beginning, with Color &  Hue.  We worked  our way through Colorfulness  & Chroma. Now let’s look at the intertwined concepts of Saturation and Intensity.


Many of us use the term “saturated” often…and the term “intensity” even more. But, what do they mean? is there even an agreement as to what they mean?

Saturation has been described as the strength of a color, the dominance, and/or vividness of hue in a color, the intensity of a color,, the degree of difference of a color from a gray of the same lightness or brightness as the color.  Saturation is one of the three aspects by which a color is described, the others being hue, and value.

We learned that “Colorfulness can be defined as ‘”the degree of difference between a color and gray…and Chroma is the colorfulness relative to the brightness of another color that appears white under similar viewing conditions.”


Saturation may be defined as “the colorfulness of a color relative to its own brightness.”   or “ the degree to which it is different than gray at a given lightness.” Saturation measures the degree to which a color differs from a gray of the same darkness or lightness.

Thus, the Saturation aspect of a color may be defined as how far is from gray (“Colorfulness”), as regards to the aspect of “ visual perception in which a source appears to be radiating or reflecting light.”, or, Brightness. Thus Saturation relates to Brightness, which relates to to Luminance, which will be discussed in a subsequent post!

We have ascertained that “unpacking’ these Color Terms is akin to a a tongue-twister AND a brain-teaser!


To desaturate, (lessen saturation, or make less intense, give the appearance of being less strong, or, less full of, color) in a subtractive system, such as paint color, gray, black, white, or the complement (the color opposite on the color wheel) of the color in question can be added.  All will serve to lessen the intensity, strength, “purity”, concentration, and / or colorfulness of the color, and thus make it less saturated.


The term “Intensity” is often used interchangeably with “Saturation”, by painters and others.  I prefer to think of the term “Intensity” as a descriptor or adjective of “Saturation”.  Also known as “intensity,” saturation describes the strength of a color with respect to its value or lightness. What that means is a color’s saturation is the degree to which it is different than gray at a given lightness. For instance, colors near middle gray are relatively unsaturated compared to brighter, more vibrant colors….”–http://www.colorcube.com/articles/theory/theory.htm

“….saturation tells us how a color looks under certain lighting conditions. For instance, a room painted a solid color will appear different at night than in daylight. Over the course of the day, although the color is the same, the saturation changes. This property of color can also be called intensity. Be careful not to think about SATURATION in terms of light and dark but rather in terms of pale or weak and pure or strong.”http://www.colorcube.com/articles/theory/glossary.htm

Remember, Saturation is related to brightness, light, and luminance.


Well, I hope your brain is not completely scrambled! It may be time to take a deep breath, relax, let our minds unwind, and take a moment to simply enjoy and revel in color…and saturate our soul and senses with it…pure, intense and full.

Join us for our “Color Muze” on Rebecca E. Parson’s “Artistically Speaking Talk Show”, and learn more!  The third Sunday of the month…7:15PM EST, 4:15PM PST! See you there!


Transitioning to a Nature’s Sleep Diamond Gel Memory Foam Mattress #NSAmbassador #ad

I am a Nature’s Sleep Ambassador, hashtag #NSAmbassador. Being a brand ambassador means that Nature’s Sleep provided me with a Diamond Gel Memory foam mattress to sleep on and test in return for my honest opinions and amplification via my social media space. I was not provided any other compensation of any kind. I value my time and image, and closely evaluate if the brands I work with are a natural match for C8C, feel authentic and fit with my demographic. All opinions I express, plus any ideas and photos I share, regarding the mattress are my own (and sometimes HIMself). The has tag #ad is a new FTC requirement.


I promise to steam the new bedskirt soon


This is a year of major transitions for me. I was due for an overhaul anyway. I am transitioning my brand, simplifying my life (yeah right) and getting married in November. I am letting go, letting be and letting me emerge. Part of that is taking better care of myself and getting a better night’s sleep.

Why am I excited to do a test drive of this mattress?

There are three reason why…

  1. I really need  to replace my 20+ year old pillow top mattress,
  2. I need good support after several spinal injuries and surgeries, plus
  3. I am curious to see if memory foam is just a trend and if I believe all the hype?
old-mattress-off-bed new-sheets new-mattress-rolled
natures-sleep-logo-mattress instructions mattress-top-logo

According to the website description, “The Nature’s Sleep Diamond Gel Memory foam mattress has a unique formulation that delivers you a great feel, superior comfort and heat dissipation unlike any other Gel Memory foam mattress. Our Gel spheres, capture the heat and release it away from your body for a cool comfortable night’s sleep.” The promise of a “cool comfortable night’s sleep” is what I was looking forward to the most. Living in Florida’s humid conditions and being of an age when hot flashes often interrupt a good night’s sleep, I plan to put this to the most rigorous of tests. But first let’s look at how this mattress arrives.


Unpacking My Mattress

Now that has been quite the discussion around my house. It has been a comedy of errors getting it in place. The carton arrived via UPS and sat in my foyer until my air conditioner died and the two repairmen graciously agreed to carry it up the stairs. With my bad back and HIMself’s recent surgery, that was a major hurdle. This product is delivered in a non-traditional manner…in a box via UPS. I have been spoiled in the past by always having mattresses delivered by two strong gentlemen who placed it for me and carried my old mattress away. That is the one downside I see…and I must dispose of my old mattress myself. It seems that no charities accept mattresses without the box springs…so I will have to pay to have the old mattress hauled away. Since I was given the new mattress, I guess I can spring for that. I was banking on my son being able to help me place the mattress when he visited last week to play golf with me at TPC Sawgrass. Not to be, as he had appendicitis which required surgery the week before our golf date. So, with promised deadlines looming, I just bit the bullet and unpacked this baby myself. You can see the result in the video below!!!

How did a King size mattress come in that box?

The video shows how I (we) wrangled the mattress out of the box and onto my old box springs. It was way easier than my imaginings had conjured. Within a matter of minutes, I had this beautiful mattress in place and it was recovering to its full size. Now how on earth did Nature’s Sleep get this King size mattress in this box? Well, it is Vac-packed using state of the art technology! What I had been dreading was surprisingly easy to accomplish even by a couple of people who are not supposed to be lifting. Trust me, if we can do it, anyone can do it!!! Only boo boo was a smashed finger replacing the box springs on their frames. OUCH!!!! It is hard to type without 1 finger!!!

Did I mention that this is a beautiful mattress? We both stood there admiring the plush feel and look. HIMself said is was a shame to put sheets on it and cover it. Just running my hands over the top makes me smile. I think a nap is in order!!!


Next on the agenda!!! I so want one of those adjustable beds where the head and knee areas raise and lower with a button. I sleep on my back with five pillows to keep me from landing in a position that would be painful. So an adjustable foundation is on my bucket list. They are pretty pricey ($4000-6000), so I am saving my pennies. ;) I did take this time to elevate the head of the bed with some 5″ risers. I placed 3″ risers under the bottom legs. That gives me a nice incline.

Several of my friends and family have transitioned to memory foam and swear by it. I do like the cushy comfort so far and hope that it gives me the support I require. I promise to give you an update on this in a few months as the transition continues.


Would you like a chance to win your very own Nature’s Sleep memory mattress? Visit Nature’s Sleep Facebook page where you can enter to win a Sapphire Gel Mattress.

carts TPC Sawgrass #PricelessGolf

TPC Sawgrass, My Boys and @MasterCard’s #PricelessGolf Experience #MC


dew TPC Sawgrass #PricelessGolf

As the rising sun glistened among the dew heavy grass, my boys and I took our first swings on the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Home of THE PLAYERS Championship, birthplace of the Tournament Players Club (TPC) and headquarters of the PGA tour, this golf course might just be the world’s most famous and most photographed golf course. And we had the Course to Ourselves courtesy of MasterCard and their World Elite MasterCard Priceless Golf Experiences

Priceless Moments. Priceless Memories. Priceless Fun.

Clubhouse TPC Sawgrass #PricelessGolf

Priceless indeed! One of those moments in time you will always recall with sweet fondness. It was probably a typical TPC Sawgrass morning, but it felt anything but typical to us. This particular morning, there was a warm breeze in the air and ocean dew on the ground as we unloaded our clubs. I have the surreal emotions of excitement tinged with awe as I approach our carts for the day…lined up in front of the majestic Mediterranean-Style clubhouse…our names on each. I paused as my heart was filled with pure joy and gratitude…for this life, this day, and this morning. To be here, sharing this time with my son, HIMself and our friends…I thought to myself, “How did I get this lucky?”

carts TPC Sawgrass #PricelessGolf

I am still smiling as I write and remember every shot of our day playing TPC Sawgrass as VIP guests of MasterCard. Their World Elite MasterCard Priceless Golf Experiences program affords World and World Elite cardholders exclusive golfing perks like our “Course To Yourself” adventure, “PGA Tour Player Experience” and “Member for a Day.” I took loads of photographs and videos, to document the special occasion and to share our excitement with you.


We were greeted by Assistant Golf Professional Scott Peneau, PGA, our VIP Host for the day. He escorted us to the locker rooms where we each found our special locker and took a few minutes to take in the luxurious surroundings. I almost had to pinch myself at the thought of playing a course my parents would have been overjoyed just to walk. And here I was…about to play the course with my son. I believed somehow they were watching us.


Scott showed us into the beautiful breakfast room where a table had been reserved for us. We enjoyed an amazing breakfast served by a cheerful and attentive staff. We strolled outside to snap a few photos before we feasted on Golf Club Waffles, Non-Traditional Eggs Benedict, Breakfast Burritos, and oatmeal.


breakfast TPC Sawgrass #PricelessGolf

Practice Before The Stadium Course

Soon we were off to the practice range and putting green accompanied by our phenomenal TPC caddie, John. He is a senior caddie who has carried the clubs of Vijay Singh, Fred Funk, PGA Tour Legend Calvin Peete, and countless others. I was spoiled for ever playing without a caddie as I could actually find my ball with his assistance. He guided my boys to pretty amazing scores on THE PLAYERS Stadium Course, built specifically to challenge the pros. Always included as one of America’s toughest golf courses, Golf Digest’s calls it, “A beast of a course that tests every part of one’s game, especially the part between your ears.”

practice TPC Sawgrass #PricelessGolf

As we approached our Tee time, we were each given a beautiful bronze TPC Sawgrass bag tag engraved with our names and a special MasterCard TPC bag tag. The first time you play a TPC course with MasterCard, you are given a large bag tag with a smaller tag from that course. As you play other TPC courses, you will collect additional small tags to add to your ring.

MasterCard TPC bag tag




Playing TPC Sawgrass with My Boys


I took a deep breath as we were about to walk in the footsteps of the world’s greatest players. I wanted to savor every glorious minute. The sky was a deep blue and the course was an amazing array of green hues…the stage for a perfectly amazing day of priceless golf as we approached the first tee.


Enjoying the MasterCard Premium cardholders exclusive access to the first tee time available to the public on July 22, 2013, we headed to the first tee.  I created a little video of our time as there were too many priceless moments to share individual photos.

My boys agree that it is even harder in person than it appears on TV. The notorious par-3, 17th hole, featuring an island green that makes or breaks many a PGA TOUR pro’s round, was a wee bit challenging for me. The boys all made the green…no problem. Me? I made the water! :) You might be wondering how 5 of us played. Well, as I am recovering from an earlier golfing injury to my shoulder, I was unable to play the entire 18 holes. However, Scott gave me special permission to play 17 with the boys. It was memorable, to say the least, as I was a tad in awe shall we say. It made for a good laugh and a better story!!

17-Tee-shots-TPC-Sawgrass-#PricelessGolf REP-17-TPC-Sawgrass-#PricelessGolf

Some four hours after we began, we found ourselves on the beautiful 18th hole looking toward the magnificent clubhouse. I became a little wistful as the boys putted out and I snapped the breathtaking views on the final hole of TPC Sawgrass.

But we were not finished with the VIP treatment. We headed to the locker rooms to shower before our storytelling tour of the clubhouse.


The Mediterranean-Style, 77,000 square foot clubhouse at TPC Sawgrass is a majestic centerpiece for the club, providing TOUR-standard hospitality to members and guests alike. Blending elegant, old world charm with modern, upscale amenities, the clubhouse features a variety of dining options, an expansive gallery, beautifully appointed banquet and meeting space and a world-class golf shop. The clubhouse is open for the public to enjoy and discover, with storyteller docents on hand to help every guest explore the club’s wide array of PGA TOUR memorabilia.

SInce our storytelling tour is worthy of its own page, I will share it with you in the near future. You will not believe where we were able to go!!!!


Priceless Golf Memories

My boys and I are deeply grateful to MasterCard and TPC Sawgrass for providing us an unprecedented and oh so priceless golf and life experience.


Coming to Terms: Colorfulness & Chroma



Many of us love to “geek out’ on color…whether it be with tools, materials or terms.  There isn’t always agreement about what each term actually means, and some of them seem to overlap.  Maybe some color terms cannot be neatly tied up in even a colorful bow of one definition.


Let’s perceive this post as an exploration, an investigation, and a drilling down into some of the color terms we use every day Well, the color terms we may use often, without truly thinking about it, or considering what they mean..  Perception…that’s the ticket!  We’re going to take this slowly, step-by-step, working (and playing) through the terms, like Noah’s Ark, two by two. We started at the beginning, with Color &  Hue.  Now let’s work our way through, and look at the inter-related terms Colorfulness and Chroma.


Colorfulness:  The definition that made the most sense to me is: ‘”the degree of difference between a color and gray. “–https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colorfulness   In essence, Colorfulness is the level, or amount of color in a color! Not to be confused with “Hue“, or the “color of a color”. IE-the question,  “What color is it?” Relates to Hue, while “How full of Color is it?” relates to Colorfulness.


Gray is a mixture of black and white, Grey or gray is an intermediate color between black and white, a neutral or achromatic color, meaning literally a color “without color.” To drill down a bit on “Gray”, and its components, Black and White: “Black…. is the darkest color, the result of the absence of or complete absorption of light. It is the opposite of white. ….the color the human eye sees when it looks at light which contains all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum, at full brightness and without absorption. White does not have any hue.”


Chroma may be described as “the colorfulness relative to the brightness of another color that appears white under similar viewing conditions.”  According to this definition, Chroma is a type, or aspect of Colorfulness, which relates to Brightness (which relates to Light, and  Lightness.)  This exploration  is becoming quite a tongue-twister as well as a brain-teaser!


Thus, according to the above definitions, Chroma, means how far a color is from achromatic gray (Colorfulness),  as compared to the brightness of another color that appears white under similar viewing conditions.  Spoiler alert: “Saturation is the colorfulness of a color relative to its own brightness.“     (We will get into Saturation, Brightness, Purity and Intensity in subsequent posts!)

Thus the term Chroma is associated with Brightness, or the perception of luminance.  I am repeating here, but sometime repetition helps us to drill down into, dissect and finally understand meaning.


Well, that is about all the drilling down we have time for at the moment, so I  will leave You with my heartfelt wish that your Life be filled with as much Colorfulness, and the highest level of Chroma that you desire, with the Achromatic moments far and few between.  Unless you love shades of Gray, of course!

Coming to Terms: Color & Hue

A few colorFULL words from Debra Disman the Color Muze of Cre8tive Compass Magazine, and Artistically Speaking Talk Show…join us on Blog Talk Radio the third Sunday of the month at 7:15 EST, 4:15 PST..and “Muze” with Rebecca, her guests, and me!



Many of us love to “geek out’ on color…whether it be with tools, materials or terms.  There isn’t always agreement about what each term actually means, and some of them seem to overlap.  Maybe some color terms cannot be neatly tied up in one definition…


Let’s perceive this post as an exploration, an investigation, and a drilling down into some of the color terms we use every day.  Perception…that’s the ticket!  We’re going to take this slowly, step-by-step, working (and playing) through the terms, like Noah’s Ark, two by two, starting at the beginning, with Color &  Hue.

What is color? This is one of the best definitions I found:

  1. That aspect of things that is caused by differing qualities of the light reflected or emitted by them, definable in terms of the observer or of the light, as:
    1. The appearance of objects or light sources described in terms of the individual’s perception of them, involving hue, lightness, and saturation for objects and hue, brightness, and saturation for light sources.
    2. The characteristics of light by which the individual is made aware of objects or light sources through the receptors of the eye, described in terms of dominant wavelength, luminance, and purity. (http://www.answers.com/topic/color)


    In other words: the composition of the light itself, the way the object receiving the light reflects it, and the way our eyes perceive that reflected light.  In other words, in terms of material objects, color isn’t really there…it is an effect of light…how we perceive it.  There is science, physics and optics behind this…but in essence, you might say that color is in the eye of the beholder…


Sometimes color and hue are used interchangeably, but they are not the same.  Hue is an aspect, attribute, or property of color, along with colorfulness, chroma, saturation, lightness, and brightness, (to be explored in  subsequent posts.)


I have often defined hue as “the color of a color”.  hue refers to the variety of colors, or, effects of light, that we see, caused by different wavelengths of light. As regards to paint color, the term “hue” refers to a “pure” colors, colors without black or white pigment added, which comprise the color wheel.

WEBcThe color of a color.

The term Hue then, is what allows us to perceive different colors. If color is the overall phenomenon, then hue is its  particulars and specifics. Hue is how color plays out in our brains, through our seeing mechanisms, and thus gives us the richness and range of the color pantheon. It is “the attribute of colors that permits them to be classed as red, yellow, green, blue, or an intermediate between any contiguous pair of these colors….”.  A classification system, allowing colors to be identified and named.

Delving into these terms…becomes more complex then you might think…er then “hue” might think? (!).

Here’s to You…and to Hue, and to coming to terms with Color!

Nature’s Sleep Pin-To-Win a Great Night’s Sleep Contest #NSPin2Win #spon

I am a Nature’s Sleep Ambassador and received items to facilitate this review. I will soon be sharing the story of my great night’s sleep on my new Nature’s Sleep Diamond Gel Memory Foam Mattress and Aerated ViscoLite Memory Foam Pillow. I received both in exchange for my honest feedback and review. Please enter this Pinterest Contest for a chance to win your own good night’s sleep!!!

Nature's Sleep Mattress Contest

Nature’s Sleep has the memory foam product just for you. Just like me, the man who created these mattresses, pillows and slippers has plenty of experience with back pain. The Nature’s Sleep memory foam mattress can help you get a cool, pain-free night’s sleep. That is pretty important to me here in Florida!!! Nature’s Sleep is based in Florida…so they understand.

There are several memory foam mattress product lines to fit your every need and budget. From the top-of-line Gel memory foam mattress to the economical memory foam toppers, each product is made with the highest concerns for health, well-being, hygiene and lifestyle. the majority of Nature’s Sleep products are washable, anti-microbal, anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial and allergen resistant and are ideal for those who suffer from allergies.

You can purchase mattresses in all sizes, toppers, adjustable frames, foundations, slippers, pillows, and even dog beds. Right now through this Pin-To-Win a Great Night’s Sleep promotion, if you use code: PIN2WIN you will get 25% off the entire website excluding adjustable foundations. You will also get free shipping with every order. See what Nature’s Sleep has to offer you, and shop now. This offer is valid for US only, and ends August 15, 2013.

The Contest Details

See what Nature’s Sleep has to offer you, and shop now

Nature’s Sleep invites you to join in the Pin-To-Win a Great Night’s Sleep. The prize is a King 8″ profile memory foam mattress. The contest runs from July 1 to August 15, 2013

      1. Create a board titled “Get Great Night’s Sleep with Nature’s Sleep” on your Pinterest account. Visit my “Get Great Night’s Sleep Board” on Pinterest.
      2. Follow Nature’s Sleep on Pinterest
      3. Pin 5 images from the Nature’s Sleep website that will help you get a great night’s sleep using the
      4. Enter your entries in the Giveaway Tools form below.

For 100 extra entries, follow the Pinterest accounts listed below:


Aerated ViscoLite Memory Foam Pillow from Nature’s Sleep #NSAmbassador #spon

I am a Nature’s Sleep Ambassador and received an Aerated ViscoLite Dual Pillow to facilitate this review. I have not been sleeping well of late. Too much going on in my life to quiet my mind at night. All that is changing thanks to Nature’s Sleep!

Aerated ViscoLite Memory Foam Pillow

I have slept on a memory foam contour pillow for several months…and I really like it. My neck needs special support since I broke it in my 20s. I am very picky about my pillows. I am also a burrower…I sleep with a pillow over my head, under my head, between my legs for spine support and I hug one in front of m so I don’t fall to forward. It takes a while for me to get in a sleep position to say the least!!!


I bought new pillows recently and they were giving me fits. The one for over my head just does not stay in place and I struggle with it all night long. As you can see above, I am not getting my beauty sleep!!!


Enter the Aerated ViscoLite Memory Foam Pillow from Nature’s Sleep!!!!! Aaaahhhhhhhh! I am one happy sleeper now. Why? I have a huggable pillow made of memory foam that supports my neck and head in ultimate comfort plus it has a cooling effect. The Aerated ViscoLite Dual Pillow is the newest cutting edge in visco memory foam technology. It is a softer, with a more moldable, pressure relieving memory foam plus an Aerated ViscoLite formulation. It is available in a queen size for a perfect fit with a super soft, zippered cotton cover that is washable.


Obviously this face shows the results of a better night’s sleep. This pillow has two sides–a cooling memory foam side and a faux down side. It shapes itself to my head as I sleep and never falls off. And that makes for a refreshed sleep.  sleep better in that position?


Nature’s Sleep offers several memory foam pillows to fit your every need and budget. The majority of Nature’s Sleep products are washable, anti-microbal, anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial and allergen resistant and are ideal for those who suffer from allergies. See what Nature’s Sleep has to offer, and shop now.

Features and Benefits of the pillow:

  • A unique combination of our Aerated Visco technology and FauxDown in one pillow!
  • One side is our plush FauxDown and the other our responsive Aerated ViscoLite memory foam.
  • Nature’s Sleep’s Proprietary Aerated ViscoLite Formulation softer more moldable
  • Molds softly and comfortably to support the shoulders and spine
  • Minimizes pressure points to reduce stress
  • Unique Pressure Relieving and Contouring properties properly align your head and neck
  • Relief from common insomnia, snoring, neck and back pain
  • Naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and dust-mite resistant
  • Luxuriously smooth allergen resistant 100% cotton velour
  • Removable and washable for easy care
  • Designed in the USA, Made in China.

They have a July 4th sale this weekend for 40% off Celebrate Summer this weekend with 40% off the entire website with free shipping excluding adjustable foundations. If you miss that, they have a July Sale where you can save 35% off of entire website. Excludes adjustable foundations. Free shipping. Coupon code JULY35.

Brand of Colors: Colorful Meaning

When my colleague Debbie Josendale, of 3C Marketing Group, asked me to consult on colors for one of her client’s visual identity, which encompasses its brand / branding, I was intrigued.  I had a deep purple color in front of me as a starting point, but knew that it was too dark and somber to represent what I understood her client’s message to be.

I read up on the client, I played with colors, I visualized, and knew that purple would be one of the colors involved.  And the obvious choice of a secondary “partnering” color would be its compliment, gold.

Deena Logo

The symbolism, and associations of the chosen colors are also important in determining their meaning, resonance, and appropriateness for the brand and its story.  In a future post, we will  look at the color choices from the vantage points of:

The Energetic,  The Associative, and the Sensory.  Hint:  What does purple “taste” like?  How heavy does gold “feel”?

Read on to find out!

ENERGETIC: Relates to the “chakras“, or energy centers that some believe exist within the “aura“, but outside the body.

Vertex Chakra corresponds to Violet, standing for Wisdom, and Spiritual Energy, and influencing  the Pituitary Gland.

Solar Plexus Chakra corresponds to Yellow, standing for Knowledge and Intellect. It is the seat of tension and  influences the solar plexus and adrenal body

ASSOCIATIONS: According to studies, color-mood  associations are strikingly similar across individuals, groups and cultures. Does this imply a degree of  universality as regards to our color-mood associations?

Purple/Violet tends to associate with:  Dignity, Exclusivity, Royalty, Dignity, Exclusivity, Depth of Feeling, Wealth, Magic, Mysticism, Strictness ( if very dark, as in the original purple color i was shown at the beginning of this project).

Yellow/Gold: tends to associate with: Reflectivity, Luminosity, Happiness, Cheerfulness, High Spirits, the Sun, the a Bright Future, Hope, Wisdom, Expansiveness, not being Earthbound, Activity,  Communication, Air, Gold can associate with wealth. richness, money (gold coins!)

SENSORY: The association of colors with other sense perceptions is related to “Synesthesia“, or “The Unity the Senses”.  Here is what Purple/Violet, and Yellow/Gold tend to “sound”, “feel”, “taste” and “smell” like:

Purple/Violet: Deep, Minor Key (Sound), Velvety (Touch), Heavy, Sweet (Taste, Smell), Heavy (Weight), Cool (Temperature).

Yellow/Gold: Fanfare, Major Key (Sound), Smooth, Silky  (Touch), Sour (Taste, Smell), Light (Weight),   Warm (Temperature).

Does any of this jive with your experience? Does it incline you to dive more deeply into the multifaceted and dimensional  world of color?

After all, it would seem that color can affect your body, health, mood, feelings, and senses.  All of this effect from a phenomena of light waves!  Color is an effect of light, indeed, one could say it isn’t actually “there”.

And yet, there certainly is a “there” there, as regards to color, and color phenomena. Perhaps a subject for another post!

Deena Logo

Brand of Colors: The Power of Compliments

When my colleague Debbie Josendale, of 3C Marketing Group, asked me to consult on colors for one of her client’s visual identity, which encompasses its brandbranding, I was intrigued.  I had a deep purple color in front of me as a starting point, but knew that it was too dark and somber to represent what I understood her client’s message to be.

I read up on the client, I played with colors, I visualized, and knew that purple would be one of the colors involved.  And the obvious choice of a secondary “partnering” color would be its compliment, gold. Purple and yellow, violet and gold…these are combinations which are opposite each other on the color wheel.  They are sets of compliments, of opposites. They are complimentary colors and being opposites, set each other off in high contrast, much in the way that black and white do.  So that the color design wouldn’t be garish, I chose hues that were somewhat toned down, rather than bright, though they are strong and saturated. There is a slight earthiness to these colors, that I felt better communicated the feeling of the brand.  Color design for the visual identity of a business can also be tricky in this regard: the colors may look different on different computer screens, and even when printed on different papers or surfaces, and by different companies. The colors are used throughout the client’s site.

Deena Logo

The symbolism, and associations of the chosen colors are also important in determining their meaning, resonance, and appropriateness for the brand and its story.  In a future post, we will  look at the color choices from the vantage points of:

The Energetic (the chakras, and their meanings, associations and influences), The Associations we have with these colors, (What they express, or represent) and their associations with the other senses (Sensory).  What does purple “taste” like?  How heavy does gold “feel”?

Visit us again to find out….and learn more about the wild, wooly and wonderful world of Color!

Wi-Fi capable Samsung WB200 camera #SocialCamera

Playing with the Long Zoom Samsung WB200 Smart Camera #SocialCamera #Shop

I take pictures for a living as a professional blogger and, as a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community, I have been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for them (Collective Bias) and their client. #SocialCamera This compensation allowed me to purchase a new Compact System Camera with Wi-Fi Direct and 14.2 MP images…the Samsung WB200.

Samsung WB200 camera #SocialCamera

I carry a lot of stuff with me every time I walk out my door. You never know what might be a blogable moment…so, like a good scout, I must always be prepared!!! Part of that preparation is a good camera. Now I love my big (insert heavy) DSLR cameras. They take beautiful shots. But they are so darned heavy to carry around. The WB200, one of the new Samsung Smart Cameras with built-in WiFi connectivity, weighs under 7 oz. (Shipping Weight in pounds: 0.41). That is the best feature/benefit for me because I never leave home without – my smart phone, my new smart camera, tripod, a tablet, driver’s license, debit card, cash, lip gloss and a bottle of water.

Samsung WB200 camera #SocialCamera

But don’t let the size fool you…this compact camera takes high performance to another level. It isn’t called ‘smart’ for no reason. It actually connects via WI-Fi to your smart phone, tablet or computer. Just shoot and send, much like your cell phone except you have a higher-quality image and video. {14.2 megapixel resolution and 720p HD Movie Recording}.

Speaking of quality images….

Taking a photo Samsung WB200 camera #SocialCamera

The powerful 18x optical long zoom lens gets you to the action practically instantly. Or take in the entire scene with its vivid 24mm Wide Angle optics.  Then share your images directly from the Wireless Camera by email or back up images to your computer. How cool is that?

Wi-Fi capable Samsung WB200 camera #SocialCamera

I am enamored with the Mobile Link and the PC Auto Backup features. It has built-in Wi-Fi which, in conjunction with Samsung’s Smart Camera App for Android and iOS, lets you share your photos instantly. And that is a big plus for bloggers who sometimes need to share their photography immediately. Image sharing is automatic, convenient, and simple. One of the nicest features is that large, 3-inch touch screen. Just tap and select from a wide variety of modes and functions.

The dedicated DIRECT LINK hot key helps you quickly connect to Wi-Fi networks. The other buttons: AutoShare, Social Sharing, Cloud, email and Samsung Link let you share memories with friends, family and clients. Features including, Software Upgrade Notifier, the Samsung SMART CAMERA App, MobileLink and Remote Viewfinder make it easy to connect to your smartphone and/or tablet via the Samsung Smart Camera App!

Samsung WB200 camera #SocialCamera Samsung WB200 camera #SocialCamera Samsung WB200 camera #SocialCamera

Capturing the Memories
With this camera I was quickly taking great shots. A quick tap of Smart Mode screen gave me access to various special and fun modes. {Auto: Portrait, Night Portrait, Night, Backlight Portrait, Backlight, Landscape, White, Macro, Macro Text, Tripod, Action, Macro Colour, Natural Green, Blue Sky, Sunset, Fireworks, lowlight, spotlight, spotlight macro, spotlight portrait.} On Smart Auto mode the camera takes the photograph based on its assessment of the environment. {Smart : Beauty Face, Action Freeze, Sunset, Landscape, Silhouette, Fireworks, Night, Macro, Magic Plus1 : My Magic Frame, Split Shot, Motion Photo, Photo Filter, Movie Filter, Photo Editor }You can also capture a high-speed action scene with Action Freeze. Motion Photo freezes the action around a moving subject to create a fun scene. Simply shoot the footage, and then rub the area on the display where you want keep the movement. The photo around it will freeze—it’s that easy. Rich Tone creates extraordinarily surrealistic photos with colors that pop and express your artistic side. Just choose the one you want and shoot. The camera has many options for creativity. You know I love that!!!

Best Face Might be My Favorite Mode
With the Best Face feature you can open closed eyes, replace a smile or find that perfect expression. With the combination lightning fast burst shots and facial recognition, you can simply tap a face that’s looking the other way, and tap again to replace it with expressions taken moments before the actual shot. It really is magic.

Full Manual Mode (A / S / M)

Now for those of us who like full control of image creation, the WB200 has Full Manual (A/S/M) capabilities. Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority settings let you experiment with shutter speeds and depth of field. Smart Auto : 1/8 ~ 1/2,000s, Program : 1 ~ 1/2,000s, Night : 8 ~ 1/2,000s, Manual : 16 ~ 1/2,000s.


This compact camera has a lot to offer. See my shopping trip for this camera. The WB200 is compatible with PC and Mac and has a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty.

Follow Samsung on Facebook and Twitter to see about all the smart cameras!


Raduka Satchel detail view

Blogger’s Tools Fit Nicely in My New Rakuda Satchel

Blogger’s carry a bunch of tools when they leave home. I recently received a Rakuda satchel bag for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.

A Blogger's Tools with Rakuda Satchel

A Blogger’s Tools

I live a pretty unique lifestyle. I am always searching for the perfect way to transport my gear when I travel. And I travel a lot at this time of year. Blogging conference season is in full swing and I am headed to several. I did cut down on my schedule somewhat this year, but I have been asked to speak at a few…so I can’t say no to being of service. Right?

As you can see above there are some things this blogger never leaves home without – my smart phone, my new smart camera, tripod, a tablet, driver’s license, debit card, cash, lip gloss and a bottle of water. All these fit nicely inside this Rakuda Satchel with room to spare. Why do I think this might be the perfect blogger’s bag? Mostly because it is just the right size. I don’t like big bags. It’s not overly cumbersome like a backpack or large tote or duffel. It’s cross-body strap allows you to move freely and keep the important gear safely at your side. It has a slim profile that hangs comfortably at my side (or HIMself’s side).

HIMself with Rakuda satchel

I love the construction. It is made for my constant movement and adventures. It is made very well with high quality, thick canvas and durable leather. The zippers, always a source of angst for me, move freely and are strong enough to stand my constant zipping and unzipping. I love the long zipper tab…so easy for these aging fingers to grasp. That’s really important when you have to snap a photo quickly!!! Plus it has plenty of pockets (YEAH) for extra photo cards, batteries and even a candy bar!!!

Raduka Satchel close up

Bottom line: It is not just a bag – it is so much more. It is fashionable and stylish for most occasions. “At Rakuda, we believe it is not just a bag…it’s a lifestyle.”

Here is a look at the Raduka Satchel details. Look at the fine workmanship and stitching. This bag is sure to last me years. I also love that it has metal feet to keep it elevated when placed down. That is important when you dive into the places I go for photos. Oh the work I must do!!!

Raduka Satchel detail view

Your Adventure Awaits!

If you are a blogger, mom or dad this Raduka Satchel is a great addition to your travel and everyday life. Best of all,  Rakuda has a special discount code just for my readers running through the end of the month. The code is Rakuda40 and it gives 40% off the entire RakudaBags.com website until 6/30.

From Rakuda: Here on our website, you will find the very best in canvas fashion bags. No matter your sense of style or the adventure you are getting ready to embark on, there is something for you. Are you looking for a rustic bag that meets your utilitarian needs? We have fashionable canvas backpacks that offer a unique and exotic sense of style while providing the carrying capacity you need. For those looking for refined fashion bags, we offer many handbag styles and you are sure to find a style that suits your unique sense of style and personality. When you have plenty to carry, our fashionable canvas messenger bags provide an attractive option as well. We even offer our own line of luggage here at Rakuda, convinced that you need quality luggage that offers the best of fashion too. You can find luggage options in various sizes and designs. Whatever journey or adventure you are planning, the perfect luggage bag is available to get you started on that exciting journey.

Rakuda satchel The Satchel

If you’re looking for a high quality cross-body canvas bag that you can carry around for everyday use, your hunt is at an end! The Rakuda Satchel bag is constructed from only the highest quality canvas with rich tones of leather for accents, providing you with superior design that meets your every need.

This is the perfect bag to carry around with you on vacation, excellent for keeping your camera out of the elements and making sure your sunblock is close at hand. For everyday use, this satchel makes the perfect medium-sized bag for anyone who likes having their electronics close within arm’s reach, and qualifies as the “single personal item” permitted on most domestic and international airlines.

This cross-body canvas bag boasts an impressive  design, making it perfect for keeping your tablet or camera in. The high quality canvas material is double-stitched in all the right places to give it that extra durability that you demand from a daily use satchel.

Not only can you expect the very best in fashion from Rakuda bags, but you can also expect high quality as well. Each bag offers the best construction while also offering the finest details – details that make every bag something extra special. Our canvas bags are well constructed to ensure they do not let you down. We offer only the finest quality, canvas handbags that will be a part of your journey, every step of the way.

At Rakuda, every bag is a special bag. Every purchase, a new journey. Your adventure begins right here and we are here to get you started on that journey, no matter where it leads you. No matter where you are headed, no matter where you end up on your adventure, our bags will be there to offer something extra special and exotic to your life.

You are right. It’s not just a bag…it’s a Rakuda. Your adventure begins now!


Rakuda Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RakudaBags
Rakuda Twitter: https://twitter.com/teamrakuda
Rakuda Website: http://www.rakudabags.com/


I received a Rakuda bag for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media.Thoughts are my own. 

TPC Sawgrass @MasterCard #Pricelessgolf #MC

I am Playing TPC Sawgrass Soon @MasterCard #Pricelessgolf #MC

I am thrilled to be participating in a World Elite @MasterCard #Pricelessgolf #MC adventure at TPC Sawgrass. I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community. This experience has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and MasterCard.

TPC Sawgrass @MasterCard #Pricelessgolf #MC

We are a golf family. My parents and my children love the game and play it well. I live on a golf course…so that pretty much tells you how I feel about the game. And I have some exciting news…

I am Playing TPC Sawgrass


I will enjoy the experience of a lifetime when MasterCard gives me the opportunity to have TPC Sawgrass to myself one day soon. Priceless Moments indeed…

I love my MasterCard. It is the only card I use. World Elite MasterCard holders receive exclusive golfing perks. One of the #PricelessGolf benefits is “Course To Yourself!” I will have TPC Sawgrass to myself one day soon. Can you imagine how excited I am about that? That is TPC Sawgrass where Tiger Woods had his most recent win!!! It is the TPC Sawgrass, with those tough water holes, that brought some pros to their knees in May. I will walk where those golf pros walked…play where they played…and be brought to me knees as well, I imagine.

World and World Elite MasterCard holders can receive this special experience also. Click any of the images for full info:

I promise to keep Instagram busy on that special day. I will be writing another blog post or two about the experience. So check back and see me on that beautiful hole above!!! Can you believe it? Me either!!!

Check out Priceless Moments by MasterCard.

Find MasterCard on Facebook

Brand of Colors: Color Etiquette for your Graphics

When friend, colleague and client Debbie Josendale  founder, creator, and president of 3C Marketing Group LLC contacted me to get my opinion on the colors in the graphic below, I dove in headfirst, and delivered an analysis of not only the colors, but their placement, qualities, and distribution.


It is a process I find fascinating, and I never tire of both studying, and analyzing how, why, and where colors work best  for the purpose they are being employed…or not.  When the colors are “not working”, sometimes a slight tweak will do the trick; changing the placement, value, chroma, or saturation of a color, or how much of it is being used.  Other times, a greater overhaul of the color palette may be requited.

Debbie knew that something was not right in the graphic above…not in balance. She knew the feeling she wanted communicated wasn’t quite there yet.

I saw immediately that the central “bar” of color, surrounding the word “AUTHORITY” was too dark, and needed some brightness and warmth to fully communicate the idea of “AUTHORITY” as a positive, powerful, and in essence, beautiful thing to the viewer.  I suggested that instead of the deep, almost blackish green (on my screen, and in this age of individual internet screen and printers, who knows what any given pair of eyes is seeing…), that a a mixture of the top green, and bottom blue, IE, a warmer, clearer, yet still strong,  teal be used, to distill the positive message of  leadership, and problem-solving.

I also suggested that the lighter, brighter green, used at the bottom of the graphic be moved to the top, and the deeper blue at the top be used at the bottom, to “ground”  the “page”, as is done in architectural color consulting. Deeper, darker, and stronger color used on the foundation, or lower part of a building can “ground” it, making the building as a whole look more rooted, stable, and solid. By moving the green to the top of the “page” or view, I felt a more expansive, airy, and optimistic feeling could be created.

Finally, I advised that the top blue block, encasing the Map Marketing (TM) Method lettering be altered in some way that again, would make it less heavy, and also differentiate from the blocks of color below.  This is challenging, as the lettering/text serves as a logo, and thus changing even its scale could be tricky.

3C Map Marketing_ver3 no crop marks

Well, Deb  and her team made the majority of the adjustments I advised,  to the graphic.  Above you can see the beautiful teal color which replaces that dark blackish-green surrounding the word AUTHORITY”,  relieving it of that “black hole” feeling. Not only was the green from the original moved from the bottom of the piece to the top, but a cooler hue of green, closer to the central teal, and less yellow is used, bringing the piece as a whole into greater color harmony. The blue at the bottom is also adjusted to be closer to the teal, a greener blue, rather than the original “royal” blue, and is now separated from the “title” color bar/block at the very top.

We are still working on what can be done with that top color block, which I feel still, is too strong and heavy, visually “bearing down” on the rest of the graphic. The left side of the top color “block” overhangs the words in color read sideways, which are surrounded by the white background, giving it the sense of being off-center, and bearing to the left.

Enlarging the white text inside that top blue block would alleviate this to some extent, but my advice would be to lose that top block of color altogether, and make the text itself blue, and maybe a bit larger and heavier, to fill the space.
We will see what 3C decides to do!

In any event, the general consensus is that the graphic as a whole is much improved, and better communicates the feeling its creator wants to project. Voila the power of color, how much of it is used, and where!

You can hear our “Color Muze” discussion on Rebecca E. Parsons‘s blog talk radio program, “Artistically Speaking Talk Show” on this subject, preceded by a wonderful interview with paper artist Helen Hiebert.  You can also catch previous “Color Muzes” here, in Cre8tive Compass Magazine.

From all of us to all of You: here’s wishing all of You the  right color mix for You and Your color needs…today!


Touring the Bigelow Charleston Tea Plantation with the Bigelows…Oh My #AmericasTea

It is 90 degrees on my tiny island today and I am sipping my third glass of Bigelow Plantation Mint iced tea. And I am dreaming…oh yes, daydreaming about my soon to be dream come true. Now you may think I am exaggerating my daydreams…but they are really about to come true. Next Tuesday, HIMself and I are traveling to Charleston, SC as a guest of the Bigelow Tea family.


Tea Moment Memories

The three day excursion promises many delightful Tea Moment Memories. We will be meeting the Bigelows the first evening and having a tea tasting with Cindi Bigelow the next morning. Be still my heart!!!


And if that is not amazing enough, {this is the dream part}  I am going to have my cup of Plantation Mint tea at the actual plantation…the Charleston tea Plantation. I wrote about this earlier:

Everyday Moments and Daydreams

I recently discovered that Bigelow Tea Corporation has a tea plantation in Charleston, South Carolina. I once lived in Charleston. I love that city and I always thought that I would return when I retired. Many special moments happened there. I am just imagining another…sipping a cup of ‘my’ Plantation Mint at the Bigelow Tea Plantation…aaahhhhh, a girl can dream can’t she? Oh yes, that would be a good dream.

And that particular daydream is coming true next Wednesday. I hope to share images of moi, with my cup of Plantation Mint, at the Charleston Tea Garden…and so much more!!!


Several other bloggers will share in my dream.


We have been deep in discussions about what to wear. Do you think this dress is too much?

Victorian Fashion - Children's Party Dresses - Godey's Ladies
Me either…okay I have gone what some might say is a tad  silly, moonstruck, awestruck, cuckoo, dingy, flipped out, kooky, mad as a hatter, nutty, out of one’s tree, beside ones wacky, beside oneself with excitement…much like the white rabbit at the Mad Hatters tea party…
You know how much I love my Bigelow Tea. I foresee several Tea Moment Memories in my near future…

Find Bigelow Tea #AmericasTea Everywhere…

Bigelow Tea website: https://www.bigelowtea.com/
Bigelow Tea Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/bigelowtea
Bigelow Twitter: https://twitter.com/bigelowtea
Bigelow Tea Community: http://community.bigelowtea.com
Bigelow Blog: http://www.bigelowteablog.com/

I have written about my passion for sipping tea here, and here, and a tea party here. Oh, and I collect tea memorabilia too!
My Mother and I

Love Letter to the Beloved Women Before Me…

A Mother’s Day Tribute

“When I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me. Speaking words of wisdom, let it be, let it be.” -The Beatles, Let it Be.

Let us pray for all of those who have ever undertaken the profession of motherhood and all the women who have come before us who helped shape us into the women we are today.

This is my beautiful and spirited Mother in one of her musicals (circa 1945). She was a singer and a dancer. She loved music. She had a radio show for years. I used to listen as a baby with my beloved Grandmother Annie Niland. A tale from my childhood: When I was about three, I missed my Mother. I was precocious, to say the least. I thought if I could get her out of that radio box, she would come home. I sent Annie to the kitchen to get me some juice. While she was gone, I took the opportunity to knock the radio off the stand and break it. Annie came rushing back in and found me standing amidst the pieces of the radio. Looking up at her with wide-eyed expectancy I announced, “Mommy  come home now.” She didn’t come home.

Me with the said radio

Mother and I circa 1953

My Mother and I

My beloved Grandmother Anna Rebecca Casey Niland
(she was in a play called The Girl of the Golden West)

My Beloved Grandmother  Emma Constance Bledsoe White

My beloved Great Grandmother “Nana” Casey

My beloved Great- Great Grandmother Penrod

Today’s Intention – Tell your Mother how much you love her – in person, by phone, or in a prayer lifted up to her by angels.

U Be Creative Today!

Mother’s Day Gift Idea and Giveaway #shareyourpain

Congrats to the winner, commenter #9…Shana D. Hope this helps with the migraines.

This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. I received a Wahl Hot/Cold Massager for the purpose of this review.

Mother’s Day is next Sunday and I have to share a recent product I tried that I am sure all Mothers could use – a Hot/Cold Therapy Massaging Gel Pack from Wahl. I received this just after my accidental encounter with a golf cart. Most of you know I hurt my knee and shoulder in the accident. I have been limping and gimping around for several weeks now.

When I received the Massaging Gel Pack, it went to use immediately. I used it cold on my knee first and it really helped it feel better. I then tried it warm on my shoulder. I really loved that warmth on the painful areas. You can use it either hot or cold. It is microwaveable and freezable. The massaging vibrating Therapeutic Gel Pack is reusable.

All Moms deserve some pampering, especially on Mother’s Day. With all the lifting, bending and stretching we do, we often find ourselves sore at the end of a long day. The massaging gel packs can help relieve some of those aches and pains and help you relax. It does this for me.

Hot/Cold Therapy Massaging Gel Pack – This one-part massager, one-part hot/cold pack is the latest in a series of new pain management products from Wahl. Unlike conventional hot/cold packs, this first-of-its-kind product combines two of the most common treatments–temperature therapy and massage– to offer a new level of pain relief. It also offers Velcro straps for hands-free use. MSRP 24.99 See the areas it can help below.


Wahl has generously offered to give a Hot/Cold Therapy Massaging Gel Pack to one of my lucky Moms! I kept the entry super simple…just leave a comment below sharing your pain and why you would love to win one. Winner will be chosen via Random.org on May 19th 2013. Please be sure to leave your e-mail address. Good Luck! While you are at it, connect with Wahl on Twitter and use the hashtag #shareyourpain.

Please visit  the Wahl website for more info and connect with Wahl on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Pinterest.


This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. I received a Wahl Hot/Cold Massager for the purpose of this review.

Creating Color Harmony

On  April 21, I chatted with on her Artistically Speaking Talk Show about the “Art of Color Harmony”, based on the work of  Michel Eugène (M.E.)  Chevreul.  Chevreul was a contemporary of the painter Eugène Delacroix, and he penned “The Principles Of Harmony And Contrast Of Colors: And Their Applications To The Arts” in 1855.  He was a chemist, Chevreul’s color principles influenced great European art movements including Impressionism, Neo-Impressionism and Orphism.

Rebecca’s interview guest on the program that day was Rachel Rockwell, of Bubbly Nature Creations.  They discussed food photography, and Rachel generously offered tips for the novice, and aspiring photographer.  Rebecca suggested I use Rachel’s images to illustrate this post, and I  discovered something in common to these two, separated by over 150 years..soap! Chevreul’s research “enabled him to elucidate the true nature of soap…which led to important improvements in the processes of candle-manufacture.” Rachel started her blog as a way to document her soap-making!   Such… synchronicity!      But onward…to The Art of Color Harmony, illustrated by Rachel Rockwell, and Rebecca E. Parsons.

We discussed six ways of creating color harmony, three “Harmonies of Analogy”, based on similarity, or relatedness, and three “Harmonies of Contrast”, based on differences.  Interesting to note that “harmony” can be achieved by what would seem to be opposite principles…read on! (A word of advice: have your meal first..these images may have a mouth-watering effect!)


What Chevreul called the “harmony of scale” involves putting together colors closely related in  value (lightness/darkness) and hue (the pure color itself).  Above the chocolate browns  create a most delicious tone-on-tone effect, relieved by the  complementary (opposite each other on the color wheel) red and green of the strawberries.


Here we see a similar “harmony of scale” effect, with a gradation of color in the cake’s frosting, going from darker, brighter and more intense/concentrated at the bottom, becoming almost white at the top. Earthy and colorful touches break up the harmony of scale, to add “the harmony of contrast of colors”…but we will get to that!


Not food photography above, but a lovely example of harmony of scale…pink on pink, with just a slight shift in value to the darker on the embellishment!


Analogous colors (those next to each other on the color wheel, of similar value create the “harmony of hues” when put together, such as the oranges, golds and orange-browns above. They are beautifully offset by the complimentary blue box behind, which makes the whole composition pop.


Photo by Rebecca E. Parsons

The third “Harmony of Analogy” described by Chevreul as “harmony of a dominant colored light” relates to, as I understand it, the harmonious effect of a “dominant tinted light” on varying hues and values. Above we see, gratis Rebecca, an assortment of variously flavored cupcakes of different hue, some darker, some lighter, illuminated by a warm light.  The color of the light is a unifying factor in the grouping, composition, and harmonious effect.

We now come to Chevreul’s three “Harmonies of Contrast” in which color harmony is achieved through differences, IE, contrasts. We begin to see how many different paths there can be to harmony…is there a lesson beyond color theory in all this…?


I am not sure what the delicious-looking drink above above consists of as far as ingredients go, but it can be seen as an example of what Chevreul terms,  “harmony of a contrast of scale”. One basic hue, speckled with  much darker value of that hue creates a kind of tone-on-tone texture.  or, so it looks to be in the photo. In any event, the effect is that of unified harmony,  and titillates our taste-buds!


By contrast (no pun intended) the “harmony of contrast of hues” is illustrated above. Related colors (red plus white equals pink) in highly differentiated values (white the lightest, the pink the mid-tone, and the red, though bright, the darkest) set each other off by virtue of their difference…not only in value, but also in purity, and chroma.


Finally, we arrive at one of my favorites, the “harmony of contrast of colors“. Here is where the ideas of “the attraction of opposites” comes into play. We see how colors far apart in value and hue can be combined to create relationships that are dynamic and visually arresting, yet harmonious nonetheless. In the image above, we see aspects of the three primary colors, red, yellow and blue represented and cooled by white. The colors have a great deal of contrast, yet create a harmonious whole.


Harmony can also be created by the presence of two complimentary colors,  (again, colors which are  opposite each other on the color wheel) such as red and green!  Notice how the green garnish sets off the reds of the tomato, and focuses the composition? Still harmonious, but powerful!

And, what can be more powerful at last, than harmony?

Here’s wishing YOU the peacefulness and power of harmony; in Art, in Work, in Life.

Here’s to a harmonious world.



Chillin’ by the Pool with a Tall Mango Pineapple Mojito #FreshNFruti


I close my eyes and trace the chilled liquid as it slowly cools my parched throat. I can taste each of the exotic flavors one by one – mango, pineapple, lime, mint and rum. The frozen Chunks O’ Fruti #FreshNFruti ice cubes tickle my lips and make me smile. Ahhhhhhh…relax and chill!


Florida gets hot, hot, hot! Summer arrives early here and it is already in the 80’s most afternoons. Our minds turn to grilling, beach picnics and tall cool drinks by the pool. And that is what we are doing this beautiful Saturday afternoon…chillin’ by the pool with friends.


When I first tasted the Mango Pineapple Fruti all natural fruit bars, I knew that I would have some fun using these in summer drinks and smoothies and possibly some cool fruit desserts. I love finding new products and creating new recipes with them. These natural fruit popsicles gave me plenty of recipe options and inspiration. I thought it would be awesome to create shaped Caribbean fruit cubes from the bars.


So I brought out the tiny cookie cutters and went to town. Look how cute these ice cubes are!  And the best part, when the frozen fruit bar cubes begin to melt they won’t dilute the drink mixes I create…they will just add more flavor! That rocks.


I am thrilled that Fruti fruit bars are 100% Natural. Fruti’s “Fruit First Formulation” means the fruit bars contain more fruit than any other ingredient. Fruti does not add any colors or flavors to the bars…they come from the freshly picked fruits. The majority of sugar comes naturally from the premium fruit ingredients, and only a minimal amount of additional sugar is added to balance our signature fresh fruit taste. They are verified by the Non-GMO Project. They come in several delicious flavors, such as Pina Colada, Strawberry, Caribbean Mix, Strawberry Pina Colada and Pineapple Mango.

Thumbs Up for Tall-Mango-Pineapple-Mojito-#FreshNFruti

Tall Mango Pineapple Mojito

This recipe is a different take on the favorite Cuban drink. I especially love the look of this Bacardi cocktail in a pitcher and in the glasses.  It just looks cooling. The fruit bars made this an easy and fun libation to make and drink. They cut like a dream. I was inspired by the beautiful Mojito photos on Pinterest.


I box of frozen Mango Pineapple Chunks O’ Fruti
20 key limes, pulp and juice or 1/4 C Rose’s Lime Juice
10 large leaves of fresh mint
3T sugar
2 jiggers white rum
Whole mint leaves and sliced limes
Sparkling Water to taste (optional)


Makes 2+ large drinks

  1. Place mint leaves and 3 T of sugar into a motar. Grind them with the pestel until all the oils have been released. It makes a paste.
    Grinding the mint #FreshNFruti mint-paste-#FreshNFruti
  2. Mash 1 Mango Pineapple Chunks O’ Fruti bar in pitcher. Add mint paste.
  3. Pour some lime juice into the mortar to get all the mint paste residue. Pour into pitcher with rest of lime juice. Stir.
  4. Add rum and stir to incorporate. Add sparkling water, if desired.
  5. Add the Fruti cubes, whole mint leaves and sliced limes and mangoes and stir. Tall-Mango-Pineapple-Mojito-#FreshNFruti-set-up
  6. Serve in tall glasses. Garnish with fresh mint, mango and lime slices.

Option: You can add more sparkling water to glasses if a lighter drink is desired.


You might want to connect with Fruti on their website, Twitter and FaceBook

Please check out the CBSocially Pinterest board for this campaign:FreshNFruti/ and check out my shopping experience.