Do You Have What It Takes to SOAR?

Do YOU have what it takes to soar? Do YOU have what it takes to stand in your own truth? Do YOU have what it takes to create your art, your way regardless of the outcome? Do YOU have the courage to soar? Do YOU?

digital painting, digital art by Rebecca E. Parsons

courage 2 digital painting from original artwork and photography

The one truth I know that I know is that you will never truly soar as an artist until you do your art your way!

Watch…and learn…

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Drifting – Andy McKee Original Song CD – Art of Motion

Andy McKee is a shining example for my coaching clients. He does what he loves, his way…period. It’s not about the nusic…it’s not about the song…it’s not about the instrument…it is all about putting in the countless hours it takes to become a master of your uniqueness.

I am sure that somewhere along his journey he was told, “You can’t do that.” or “That’s not the right way to play a guitar.” Yet he had the courage to do it anyway…and look at the results.

One of my radio show guests, artist Violette, said recently, “Why would you want to be a second rate someone else, when you can be a first rate you?”

That is where the soaring comes in…when you do the work necessary to discover your unique gifts, play and experiment with them until they illuminate the world around you and then find the courage to share them with the people who are destined to be touched by them. That’s what it takes…

I am offering an e-course to help you dive deep into your uniqueness…Creative Submersion.

Have you ever wondered what kind of art you should be creating? Do you long to dive into your own personal form of visual expression? Are you searching for that deep, deep connection with your true artistic voice and find the way to use it?  Wait no more…your ship has come in!!!

The mission of the workshop is to set sail on a voyage toward your higher self which allows you to flow into the art that is uniquely your own. Learn to trust that inner wisdom and become the Captain of your workmanShip! As we dive into the exercises, we find the treasure that lies deep inside in a way that allows you to excel at your chosen artform. Graduates of this course will be well on their way to finding their visual voice…and have the confidence to use it!!

Do YOU have the courage to soar?

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this was inspired by a post on  Jonathan field’s blog

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The best advice for artists I ever heard!!!

Dream Doer Extraordinaire… Sadie draws

Sadie says…”Everyone is all connected…so when we’re connected, it means we ALL believe in each other! I believe that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want…All the time. SO DO IT!!!”

Do What You Love…Always!!!


Dream Doer Friday…Violette

Yesterday, I had the fortunate experience of interviewing Violette…who leads what she calls her Bohemian Tribe…through many adventures in art and creativity. He book, “Journal Bliss” is an amazing journey through creativity. Listen to the interview.

Violette is a Dream Doer Extraordinaire…an inspirational artist who lives in a Purple Magic Cottage in the south-western corner of British Columbia.

A Canadian Artist born in Casablanca, Morocco to Spanish parents, Violette is a compulsive painter, who paints with the color and warmth of Mediterranean Sunshine.

She works in a rush of artistic energy, painting not only on paper and canvas, but on whatever object falls beneath her gaze. She feasts on gorgeous bright colours and glitter and sunshine and joy, producing delightfully playful images filled with naivete and charm, poignant meaningful observations, wild patterns and colors. Violette’s art and life have become inseparable, her whole home has become an example of her creative energy.

Violette’s spirit and artistic drive are completely uncontrollable, her creativity bubbles out of her and expresses itself in all that she does. Sometimes her work is simply a whimsical little adventure of delightful pure graphics, peppered with the moons, stars, suns, butterflies, ufo’s, flying people and flying animals that delight her and constantly penetrate her art. Sometimes however her work has a serious side, a social comment to make, or a personal feeling to convey. Even then, Violette’s love of patterns and colour and life bring a spirit of delicate optimistic love to all that she does.

“My work is the result of a need to follow my creative spirit, to develop it and use it, fearlessly at times, to bring a sense of energy, depth and joy to my life and to those around me. In doing so I am constantly finding the same need in others. That is why I do what I do, and love what I do. I invite you to join me in this great adventure called life…squeeze the juice out of it!”

She has amazing workshops and a great  Creative Catalyst coaching session which includes a personal mind map by Violette. Check it out today!!!

Pal. Emo Pd febb.

Dream Doer Friday…Mario Bresciani at work

Our Dream Doer this week is Mario Bresciani – Marbre art. Browse through the gallery below and see just a tiny glimpse into the talent and mastery of Mario. His sense of whimsy is evident in the photos of him at work. He is a Dream Doer Extraordinaire.

for this Friday the 13

Mario Bresciani at work

Then the definitive present.. where the character disappears and leaves in his place…the artistic creation.

If you would like to be considered for a Dream Doer, please tell me about yourself below..


Dream Doer Tejae Floyde, Queen of Hearts

Our Dream Doer this Friday is Tejae Floyde…artist

Tejae is living her dream and I salute her today! She was a guest on FAMM Live radio yesterday. It was a magical interview with inspiring words of encouragement for budding artists. “Be yourself. Be proud of your art. Don’t imitate. Don’t be a second rate someone else. Be a first rate you!”

I love her encased hearts the best…encased hearts are artistically handcrafted by Tejae. Great care is taken to provide a cherished keepsake and memorable work of art including your special message. Capture special moments with a gift from the heart. celebrate an event, an anniversary, an upcoming wedding or graduation, a birthday, the arrival of a baby, hearts are a precious way to remember a passing of a loved one. Tejae also designs a variety of single hearts, hinged hearts and memorial hearts. Buy one for someone special in her shop.

Tejae grew up surrounded by artists; “My parents painted, sculpted, and hand crafted jewelry. I’m mostly self-taught, though they were all a huge influence. I’ve been an artist my entire life.”

My art is infused with the soulful connections I have to the past. The subtle patterns, layered colors and romantic vintage feel is no accident. Most of my keepsakes are sculpted from polymer clay. They are embellished with a variety of small handtools, or stamps, gently aged with paint, and cured in my trusty toaster oven. Other times I create digital art to be transferred onto wood or polymer pieces. My charms and metal pieces are created in polymer clay or jewelers wax, then molded and made into art pieces using the lost wax process. Charms are cast in .925 sterling silver. Other pieces are cast in bronze or brass. –from Tejae’s bio

Tejae’s Art is about celebrating life’s precious moments. We encourage creative lifestyles and artful living by offering uniquely handcrafted heartfelt relics.

Tejae is happily married to Tim. They have one son, Tim Jr. She creates her art in her home studio located in Colorado. Her work has been published in various magazines and books.

Visit her inspirational blog Tejae’s Art.

Stencil Concrete…Update Your Patio/Porch

Our Dream Doer this week is Bob Harris…

Bob Harris of Decorative Concrete Institute has some great educational videos for decorating your concrete surfaces.

Bob Harris is president of the Decorative Concrete Institute,  in Temple, Georgia is doing what he loves. He offers hands-on training and workshops in the latest decorative products and techniques. Decorative Concrete Institute has recently announced their expansion to the West Coast and Europe. He has conducted hands-on training seminars in architectural concrete around the world.

Central to Harris’ ability to teach, is his extensive experience with the products he trains contractors to use. He worked as senior superintendent in Disney theme parks doing decorative “themed concrete” work with integral color, dry-shake color hardeners, and chemical stains. On the Disney properties, he did everything from casting tree branches to alligator paw prints in concrete. He personally placed and/or supervised the placement of over three million square feet of decorative concrete, including work for some of the major Disney theme parks in Orlando, Florida.

Bob is author of three guides that have sold over 25,000 copies worldwide; Bob Harris’ Guide to Stained Interior Concrete Floors; Bob Harris’ Guide to Stamped Concrete; and Bob Harris’ Guide to Concrete Overlays and Toppings in addition to the newly released DVD – Concrete Overlays and Toppings. Bob’s DVD on Stained Concrete was released in the Spring 2007.

Some of Bob’s Training Guides

A Guide to Stained Concrete and More…with Bob Harris DVD (316 minutes)
Click to purchase for $149.00 + shipping!

Guide to Stained Concrete Interior Floors
Click to purchase  for $35.00 + shipping!

Guide to Concrete Overlays & Toppings
Click to purchase for $45.00 + shipping!

A Guide to Concrete Overlays & Toppings with Bob Harris DVD (200 minutes)
Click to purchase for $129.00 + shipping!


Dream Doer Carol Murphy…Altered by Design

Dream Doer Altered and Mixed Media artist Carol Murphy was on FAMM Live for a chat about her work and her life as an artist.

Altered by Design ~mixed media arts for the creative spirit~

Dream Doer Carol Murphy lives in a passionate, sometimes chaotic world of ART. She is a self taught mixed media artist and instructor living in El Cajon, California. Her feature articles and art pieces have been published in many well known art magazines and one of her assemblages is a beautiful contribution to new book.

Carol started her company, Altered By Design, in 2005 and has since launched her own line of collage sheets. These beautiful image sheets can be found on her website, at Stamping Details, Joggles, Alpha Stamps, Stampington and Company, and an overseas shop, Hobby och Hantverk in Sweden.

She also designs exclusive collage sheets for Alpha Stamps. Carol has served as a design team member for several companies including Krafty Lady and Therm O Web. She has been a featured artist on the ARTCHIX website, and has been featured on other blog talk radio shows as well. Her teaching venues include Michaels, Stamp Diego, Vintage Religion, The Stamp Addict, Studio Maureen, Stamping Details, Joggles, and Altered By Design. She is currently teaching several classes for the Fiber Arts Mixed Media Group. She has taught hundreds of classes some of which include encaustic collage, assemblage work, ATCs, book arts, card making, and art dolls. Her classes are fast paced and filled with techniques and various art materials.

Carol has two sons, two daughters-in-law and a beautiful granddaughter, Zoe. She works full time with Special Ed. kids and has done so for 30 years.

Thoughts from Carol:

“I remember my mom and dad telling me that I was a good artist but I would never make money at it so I kind of put that on the back burner. HMMMMMMMMMM Who knew? That’s why I think it’s more important than ever to keep art in schools and keep that spark of creativity alive in our young people.

Growing up in San Diego, California as an only child I spent many creative hours drawing, painting, writing poetry, and listening to music. In my early 20’s, I sold my art pieces at various venues throughout the San Diego area. When the craft industry really took off again in the 80’s, I found myself designing and selling jewelry and victorian items at local shops and fairs. Never really a fan of “cutesie” stamps and things I fell in love with the more offbeat stamps, inks, and techniques in the beginning of 2005. My first published piece was in Correspondence ART magazine at the end of that year. Since then, I have been so blessed to have my feature articles and works published in Somerset Studio, Stamper’s Sampler catch up issues, Art Doll Quarterly, Legacy, Paper Art, Stamper’s Sampler, Somerset Gallery Summer 2006 and 2007, Correspondence Art, and Altered Arts magazines. One of my pieces graces the cover of the 2006 Summer Edition of Somerset Gallery magazine. I also had the privilege of working as the Stamping Sensations Editor for Paper Arts and Correspondence Art magazines.

fanciful shoes

Dream Doer Vanessa Valencia has A Fanciful Twist

Miss Fanciful herself, Vanessa Valencia, creative entrepreneur and writer of the ever whimsical and oh-so-popular blog A Fanciful Twist is a Dream Does extraordinaire!!! And we have her on Artistically Speaking Talk Show his Sunday!!! We will enter her world for 90 minutes (6:30 PM EDT) and find out what just makes her so lovable and adored. Don’t miss it. There will be a surprise or two. Here is her post about the show.

Miss Fanciful, as I call her, is living her dream indeed. She lives in and around Tuscon, Arizona (more than 1 home) with an assortment of living and fanciful family members! Her musings are legendary in the artful blogging world and her fancies often grace the pages of such magazines as Somerset Studio, Artful Blogging, Art Doll Quarterly cover story, and many more. She is often written about on other blogs like: Decor8, Apartment Therapy, Style Hive, Delightful Blogs, etc. She has even been interviewed at All Things Cupcake. To say she is amazing would be a understatement of her accomplishments indeed. See all her press here.

She started blogging about the same time I started Cre8Tiva’s Blog…so we have been friends forever. She even had a feature in my magazine “The Artistic Stenciler.” We have traveled this blogging journal sometimes arm-in-arm. I have watched her grow and thrive with the heart of a loving friend. If you stop by her blog, let her know I sent you!!!

Holly Becker of Decor8 speaks of how she showcases her work, “I enjoy the bright colors and how well she’s photographed her new prints in her home, gives you a great idea as to how they’d look in your own space. Great work, Vanessa!”

GreenEyedLillies of All Things Cupcake writes, “I could spend days looking at the pictures on the A Fanciful Twist Blog. I consider myself a pretty creative person, but Vanessa Valencia’s creations have left me in awe.”

from her bio

i love: treasure seeking, everything art – discussion of, creation of, acquisition of – art, playing the piano, watching unusual interesting movies, day-dreaming, reading a fantastic novel/reading about the lives of artists and historical figures, being swept off my feet by creative people, strange and unusual objects and times, stories and people…attics intrigue me…

I feel like a strange and curiously artistic woman from the 1800’s trapped in the body of a thirty-something year old girl living in a bizarre Arizona. I make all kinds of art. Paintings, mixed media, paper dresses, art dolls, jewelry, illustrations… I also make funky pottery, and I am always exploring other mediums…

I live in Tucson Arizona, and have an art studio & private little gallery at my country home in Catalina, Arizona. My little private gallery is only open for shows, or occassionally by appointment. However, all of my currently available art pieces, can be found online.

I realized many years ago that today is the day and this is the time. Embrace and adore now, this minute, this second, everything around you and about you. There is only so long you can dwell in the darkness before you have to escape…

Here is a peek inside her home at Indie Fixx.

Her Flicker Photos

Her Etsy Shop

a fanciful illustration

book by Sheri Gaynor

Dream Doer Sheri Gaynor

Sheri Gaynor

Sheri Gaynor is a Dream Doer in spades. She has dedicated her life to helping other women discover their authentic lives  and reach for their deepest dreams. She founded Feisty Females Coaching and Consulting and her innovative Creative Spark Studio in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She shares her creative vision on Artistically Speaking Talk Show 7/11/2010.

Sheri supports individuals through her one-on-one transformational coaching and on-going expressive arts and healing workshops and retreats. She  spent the first half of her life attempting-without much success-to walk the straight and narrow cultural path. As someone with an insatiable curiosity, she spent her early years trying on a lot of hats, trying desperately to make them fit-photojournalist, rubber stamp artist, t-shirt designer and psychotherapist, to name a few-attempting to figure out what she wanted to “BE” when she grew up. The journey wasn’t always an easy one and much was learned through the school of hard knocks; a formidable education. Little did she know that by walking that wide, crooked and creative road, she would find the trail to her authentic self and living the life of her dreams.

Sheri is the author of Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the Life of Your Dreams Through Art. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist and Transformational Life Coach. In 1981 she received her Associate of Arts degree from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, with a major in photography. She received her Masters in Clinical Social Work from Barry University in 1989. Sheri’s art has been shown internationally and she has contributed various freelance writings and photographs to such publications as the Miami Herald, the Sun Sentinel, the Florida Post newspapers and the Aspen Times Weekly. She has been featured in Somerset Digital as well as two books by artist/author Susan Tuttle. She will be featured in an upcoming book by North Light books, entitled Mixed-Media Paintbox.

Websites: Author site:
Studio site:
Email: Sheri at sherigaynor dot com

Some of Sheri’s areas of interest are:

•Professional Coaching

•Women’s Issues
•Life Transitions
•Mid-Life-Learn the joy of empty nesting

•Creativity Coaching
•The art of creative enterprise
•Ebbs and flows
•Creative direction

•Small Project and Short Term Coaching Support
•Brainstorm new concepts to grow your business

book by Sheri Gaynor

Creative Awakenings stands apart in the creative field as author, psychotherapist and life coach Sheri Gaynor takes readers on a transformative and personal adventure. Creative Awakenings follows the lives of 12 nationally known artists over the course of a year, such as Claudine Hellmuth, Lesley Riley, Jane and Thomas Wynn, to name a few.

The resulting essays and inspired art projects and enclosed Deck of Transformation cards, with Sheri Gaynor’s beautiful original artwork on each card, provide a creative spark to help readers, writers, artists and anyone who aspires to have a more passionate life, rediscover a more expansive and fulfilling way to live, fueled by creative intention.

For everyone who has wanted to live a more rewarding life, Creative Awakenings is a trailblazing roadmap, a trusted guide, and in the tradition of The Artist’s Way, a book readers will return to year after year.


Carla Sonheim Lives Her Creative Dream

Our Dream Doer, Carla Sonheim, was on FAMM Live 7/1/2010 to launch her new book…she is an artist…a painter of girls, mother of boys.

The Artist

Carla took her first art class when she was 30, after having changed careers for the SECOND time (first Legal Secretary/Paralegal, then editing/writing). At 30 she started working as a Design Assistant for a book publisher… and she started by taking life drawing, printmaking, painting, etc. Because she was “artistic,” she started teaching in her sons’ classrooms… this eventually led to teaching adults at events like Artfest, which then led to the book.

The Teacher

One of her students writes, “Carla just shines and is so gentle and generous that you will work hard all day and come out energised and inspired. Most importantly though, [her] class was a touchstone in my artistic journey, giving me the courage to stop resisting, and open myself to my creative voice.”

Carla is a creativity workshop instructor known for her fun and innovative projects and techniques designed to help adult students recover a more childlike, playful approach to creating. Her innovative ideas are now collected and elaborated on in this exciting, unique volume. Carla has taught at ArtUnraveled, Artfest, and Art & Soul events, as well as smaller venues.

The Book

Here are some “Drawing Lab” facts and things of interest…

a. The book is part of the “Lab” series of 12 that Quarry Books is putting out… “Drawing Lab” is #3 (The first in the series is “Collage Lab” by Bee Shay and the second is “Print and Stamp Lab” by Tracy Bunkers.

b. Right now on, “Drawing Lab” is the #1 bestselling mixed media book!!! (It might have changed by the time you see it, though so look!)

c. Your listeners can see the first 19 pages of the book here.

The book (ISBN #80665 00635) is available from:
Carla directly

Barnes and Noble


Kelly Rae Roberts Living Her Creative Dream

Dream Doer Friday…

Kelly Rae Roberts

each Friday I feature an artisan who is living their dream of doing what they love and creating a life and a lifestyle within their art…

Kelly Rae Roberts is taking flight into art, love and life and is this week’s dream doer indeed! in a recent blog post Kelly says:

but really i want to be in the very center of where i’m at right now. because where i’m at right now is in the middle of my life’s living dreams. it’s so remarkable. i don’t want to miss anything. read more here

Kelly’s shop is here…the above print is available

It Started with a Dream and a Blog

Kelly began her blog and her journey into creativity about the same time I started Cre8Tiva’s Blog. I watched as she blossomed and grew her wings. I watched as she found her voice as a writer and her visual voice as an artist. People love her art…her musings…but most of all they just love her!

She is the perfect example of being yourself..authentic, flawed and human…can propel you into the business of your dreams. Kelly was a social worker with a creative dream living in Portland Oregon when she first started blogging. Her husband was becoming a doctor. She made art because she needed to.

Other blogging artists began discovering her artwork as she interacted within bloglandia. Soon people were asking to buy her art. After her first year blogging she opened an Etsy shop and was finding her way into a creative business one step at a time. She documented it all with a candid openness which charmed anyone who found her blog. During the second year of the blog she launched her website, had a gallery showing or two and began writing her book, Taking Flight. She also quit her job to do art full time.

Since then she has been published in many magazines and is on the cover of Somerset Studio March/April 2010 issue.…licensed her artwork…began teaching…found her people (ideal client, fans, community)…experienced burnout…taught in Italy…moved…got new studio space…hired an assistant…did a home and gift show…felt pressure…launched a new website…created a gift line…created an e-course with over 500 students…moved twice, bought a fixer-upper bungalow  and became pregnant…

she describes her journey here…

all of these years later i still know that there will always be people who are more talented, who really do know what they’re doing, and who really do out shine me in painting + drawing. but what i’ve learned is that all it takes is a bit of passion, courage, and commitment to make a dream come true. anything is possible. read more here

If you want to read her entire journey you can do so on her blog…just scroll down until you see: MY JOURNEY (IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER) INTO THE CREATIVE LIFE (CIRCA 2006). There you will find links to each post that tells the story.

more of kelly’s thoughts on dreams…

dreams, unspoken or not, are living, breathing, sometimes screaming (or quiet) whispers of our hearts. we’ve become so good at discrediting them: unpractical. too expensive. too complicated. but what i’ve learned is that our whole life’s potential lies in the spaces between these whispers. if we pay attention to them, perhaps even take that first step and acknowledge them, then we breathe a bit easier knowing we’ve spoken a truth. out loud.  read more here

Moral of the Story

So if you think that starting a blog and being yourself is a waste of time…just remember Kelly Rae. She has established a remarkable brand in three years. She has over 30 paid ads on her blog as of this morning. She is a published author. She is earning a good living with her art. She has a loyal following. She is living and doing her dream every day. And you can too!!

hilary bravo

Hilary Bravo Lives Her Dream

Dream Doer Friday…

each Friday I feature an artisan who is living their dream of doing what they love and creating a life and a lifestyle within their art…

Hilary Bravo creates wondrous things. I am especially intrigued by her papier mache beads.

Please watch the video for a glimpse at how she creates and, more importantly, listen to the way she blends her art into her lifestyle. She personifies the artist entrepreneur I am talking about here on this blog. Yes the porridge may become mixed with the gesso on the kitchen table, but it does not phase Hilary. She has created an idyllic lifestyle for her family in the English countryside. She is a Dream Doer indeed.

Hilary lives and works in Devon, experimenting all the time with different colours and compositions. She takes her inspiration from everything around her, making notes and sketches on the things that catch her attention. She is fascinated with colour and the different emotions that it can provoke.from Rostra & Rooksmoor Galleries

Hilary’s Google Profile

I love teaching and passing on the interesting and inspiring things I have learned in my life.

Colour is my passion as well as discovering new places and rediscovering the familiar.

I probably paint on most days and when not painting, I am taking photographs or writing.

I also really love my own company and “following my nose” so although I don’t always travel alone I will try to spend some of the time on my own. I feel very fortunate to have been able to create a job that I love so much.

I love to explore and discover new places and to return to the places that I already know and love and find endlessly inspiring – Paris, Venice, Capri, Southern France. I go to somewhere that I find fascinating and book into a small hotel and set off to explore. I meet the most incredible people have wonderful conversations, find great places to eat and connect with that sense of excitement that comes with discovery.

Venice for example. Getting up before dawn and going down to the Rialto as the fish market sets up for the day. Or midnight on the waterbus, passing the islands and seeing Venice come into view by moonlight.

Everywhere I go I am half looking for images, impressions, where the light is caught, reflected, especially where the discarded is made magical by light.

I write – poems, songs, stories, essays and research – so many things – from ancient cultures to nanotechnology.

I like to be able to be constantly adding to my understanding of where I have been and see how so many things connect. A conversation with a Chinese man in Eze at a bus stop about the temple to Isis that once stood on the site of a church in Paris. E-mails exchanged, connections made.

Sometimes I go out and take a sketchbook as this enables me to look in a different way and to absorb impressions differently too. There are some wonderful little beaches along the coast path of Cap Ferrat, which are ideal for sitting and reflecting, for writing and painting. And for swimming!

visit her website for a look at her paintings from photos…she has such a unique style…

be sure to subscribe to my free online magazine for creative people at top right…

Are you a Dream Doer? I would love to feature you here so that your story can inspire other artisans to become a doer of their dreams!!! Please contact me…and share some of your story below…