DIY ~ Simple, Inexpensive Thanksgiving Gratitude Table Decor & Place Card Printable

This year is all about simple living for me. I challenged myself to create the Thanksgiving table decor for FREE…yes free. I have a load of craft and creativity supplies in my stash…so I decided to use them to create this fun and natural table decorations for my Thanksgiving feast.

Thanksgiving Pine Cone Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Pine Cone Centerpiece

I had the silver tray…I love to use my silver on a daily basis. Why have it if you keep it stored away? Enjoy your beautiful possessions!!!

I filled the tray with split peas, but any legume would do for this display. Hubby and I went for a walk in the woods and gathered the southern pine cones. They are larger than most. I also picked up some fall leaves to sprinkle among my tray. It is simple, but beautiful.

Thanksgiving Gratitude Place Cards

I created a gratitude card on my computer. It says  Thanksgiving 2011 – I am grateful for… Each member of your family can write their thoughts. Include a pencil or pen. I am sharing them with you. Just click on the image and download the PDF.

Thanksgiving Gratitude Place Cards 2011

2011 Thanksgiving Gratitude Place Cards ~ click to download

I used things from my craft supply closet to create the card. I used some green cardstock, X-Acto Decorative Edge scissors, Elmer’s X-treme Glue Stick and my card print out from above.

Thanksgiving Pine Cone Place Card supplies Elmer's #gluenglitter

I glued the card onto the green cardstock and cut around it with the decorative scissors. I then place it in the grooves of a pine cone. I will place this on top of the plates and each person at my table can write what they are most grateful this year. This cost me nothing to do!!! For that I am very grateful.

Thanksgiving Pine Cone Place Card

Thanksgiving Pine Cone Place Card

Let me know your simple ides below…

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  1. says

    What a wonderful idea, it’s so pretty. I may have to borrow it. I have been at a Thanksgiving Dinner before where we had to go around the table and say what we were thankful for.

  2. says

    How cute Rebecca! And thank you for the printables… my favorite part of Holidays is gathering at the table with my family. I’m always in charge of decorating the place settings… will incorporate this tag this year so we can all share what we’re thankful for! :)


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